Baby Leggings with knee pads

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My little girl needed pants for winter.  Being  a spring baby we had lots of cute summer dresses with the panty-diaper covers.  So I wanted to make a batch of simple knit leggings for the next few months.  
Ellaria is crawling now so I wanted to add a little extra cushion for her little knees, and so these leggings also have additional KNEE PADS!

Rather than show all the steps for making the whole legging, here's a link to Ashley's Legging Tutorial from Make It and Love It to use for the majority of the project, and I'll just show you how I added the knee pads.

Before you sew anything, you'll attach the knee pads to the open leg pieces.
Cut 2 ovals of the coordinating fabric and 2 slightly smaller ovals of your pad or filling.
For the "pad" or filling of my knee pads I used a thicker fluffy fleece scrap I had.

With each leg open, you'll sew your knee pad on the front half, 3 to 4 inches down from the point of the crotch curve, and about 1/4 in from the edge.
I layered the white pad fleece, then the knit top and sewed around the oval with 1/4" seam allowance. 
Then you construct the rest of your leggings the same way as a regular pair of leggings.

Depending on my leggings, sometimes I used the same fabric for the knee pads, and other times I choose a contrasting knit to make them stand out.

Sewing around with the 1/4" seam allowance leaves a raw edge around the knee pad, which is why I used knit so it won't fray.

 It adds a little cushion without being too bulky on the leggings.

I also did make 2 pair before I thought of the knee pad idea.

 I hope it makes it a little easier crawling around on wood floors!

These leggings have been great with her summer dresses, that we can still get use out of layering a long sleeve tee under the top and having leggings for the bottom!

Quick, easy, and these will save a lot of money as opposed to buying leggings.
It always kills me to spend even $4.00 on a baby pair of leggings that cost $.50 or less to make.
I upcycled some t-shirts for most of these leggings.

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  1. You could add some puffy paint to the knee pads to make them non-skid knee pads. :)

  2. I love them! But we are going into summer here and I have a baby the same age so wrong season! I am sure I can find a baby to make some for though!

  3. LOVE the knee pads. Perfect touch!

  4. Genius. My little guy's crawling too and I always wonder when he'll wear a hole in his pants.

  5. very cute. I wish I had clothes I needed to upcycle. Its so hard to find cute knit around here

  6. I had a spring baby too, but didn't ever see the idea for knee pads until he was already walking! (And of course I didn't think to on my own, d'oh!) I still think they look cute, and he does tend to fall on the sidewalk when he gets running too fast, so I think I am still going to make him some!

    Your daughter's pants are very cute... as is she!

  7. These are perfect. Once again, I'm blown away by the sheer volume that comes out from under your sewing machine! You are a rockstar.

  8. I showed the Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics) teacher these leggings and the Jeggings and she's totally in love with them and is going to share them with the students!

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  10. Too bad adults can't wear these. Haha. I'm a bit clumsy and wish I had some for when I fall while running :)


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