I May Be Crazy

2:10 PM

This Friday Project Run and Play starts.
I've been so excited and the majority of my project time has been dedicated to that these last few weeks.  I've really loved sewing for that.

I'm also going to be competing in the All-Star round of So You Think You're Crafty which starts in a few weeks.  Everyone in this round of the competition has competed in the past.  Some have won or got really close, and so competition will be pretty tough--I'm just surprised I was invited to be a part of it at all, as I kind of feel like an underdog going into it. 

We'll see how far I get in either, and it will be a wild ride at my house if I do make it through the first rounds!
Project Run and Play is strictly children's clothing, where SYTYC is pretty much anything you make yourself.
Both have challenging themes that have really made me think and push my creativity.
I'm pretty excited, as this is the fun part, getting ideas and planning it all out.

PS My little sister Lynette is having a little vintage shoe project going on here, and she's giving a pair of shoes away on her blog here.

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  1. I can't believe you are doing both at the exact same time!!! Holy cow...you are amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are one brave lady! The PR&P is keeping me PLENTY busy - you are GOOD! See you on the "runway" on Friday!! :D

  3. good sewing ! you will be busy !
    happy new year !

  4. you ARE crazy. crazy, talented that is! i am sure you will do awesome. good luck!


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