Leap Frog Update

12:45 PM

I have been sewing a ton trying to get ahead with Project Run and Play (Boy voting starts tomorrow) and So You Think You're Crafty which starts Jan 16, so things are in the works, I just can't post them quite yet.

I kind of took a break working on letters and numbers with the holidays, but figured it was time we got working on things again.
For numbers and counting we've just been playing a butt-load of Sorry and Chutes and Ladders.  I'm sick of them, but he loves board games right now.

But for the alphabet.....

Way back in 2010 I made these Leap Frog inspired alphabet cards.
Here's a link to print your own.
We've been using ours forever, and so I figured it was time to focus more on learning the lowercase letters, as RJ has the capital letters down well.

So I made small lower case cards by just printing them on cardstock and laminating them, although this time I was smart and printed the vowels in blue paper and the consonants are in cream.
To transition from the colorful cartoon cards to learn the plain lowercase, we've been playing this game he loves and I thought I'd share it.
I lay the lowercase baby cards out on the floor in a big pile, then he picks one of the big cartoon cards.
He has to find the matching lower case and put the big card on top of the smaller.
My big cards have the upper and lower case print outs on the back for the times he can't remember what the lower case looks like.

 He gets really into and likes to "smash!" the lowercase when he finds them and we also play hot and cold with it.  I'll whisper the sound of the letter and as he gets closer I make the sound faster and louder until the baby letter gets crushed.  Maybe girls won't get as much satisfaction from crushing baby flash cards, but he loves it and asks to play it. 

Now I have to think of something to get him excited about learning numbers.  Every time he sees 7 he says "I don't know who that is".  I review it ALL the time but he's still trying to figure out just who 7 is I guess.  If you have any good preschool aged number learning ideas we could use them!

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  1. I saw these on my children/baby pinboard, and thought of your number dilemma. Here's a link to some fun rice bag fish with numbers on them. (You could do cards if you didn't want to be fancy.) And with all you've got going on, whew! Wait til that's done first. :) http://stubbornlycrafty.blogspot.com/2011/12/shaped-beanbags-for-lil-boys.html
    Good luck with everything by the way, you're doing great!

  2. Maybe you could create a character for each number up to 10, so he'll know "who" 7 is.

  3. My favorite number trick is School House Rock. My favorite was 8-- "If you could skate a figure 8"...
    Might be helpful.

  4. My kids love the "They might be giants" dvd's (my husband bought them off Amazon) and a lot of the songs are available free on Youtube. There are the abc's, 123's and a lot of science songs, my toddlers love "solid, liquid, gas"

  5. Hi, i love your blog, I'm starting to sew still know very little about it, but I hope one day to do nice things like you do.

  6. I have some fun poems for each number that has helped my preschoolers learn how to write their numbers. I'll send it to you:)


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