Thrift Junk Makeover

2:50 PM

I've been sewing and creating for these blog competitions, so my posts have just been the Project Run and Play outfits lately.
Which, by the way, thanks to those who voted for the Oxford Gent look, I'm so excited to be able to go on for Week 3: Retro Decade this Friday.

But despite my lack of posts, I have been making things between.
I didn't take photographs, but I made a batch of shop aprons this week for my in-laws business.  I had 10 yards of vinyl to cut and sew.  Not complicated, but vinyl is sure a butt to sew on, especially when it was a huge 2 yard piece for these big aprons.  Just the weight was a pain and something I should probably do on an industrial machine rather than a little home sewing machine.

So here's just a little project we did when my little guy was in the mood to paint.
Thrifted glass ornaments got a little paint job.

I hadn't been to the thrift store in a while, and on my way out, I went down the "knick knack" aisle.  I usually don't look around there, but I happened to see these burnt orange mushroom figurines and thought they would be cute in Ellie's corner of the kids room.

1. Clean with soap and water.
2. Primed with spray paint primer.
3. Used acrylic craft paint.  It required a few coats of the base red and white.  Added dots and turquoise ribbed bottom.
4. Painted a gloss sealer on top.

These little guys go on a floating shelf above the baby's crib. 

I painted the underside of the mushroom cap turquoise to match the other accents on her wall.
It's an easy project, the painting is simple, and it seems like there's a lot of these little trinket things on etsy.  If I was ambitious, I might consider knick knack makeovers to make a quick buck.  

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  1. I'm going to be on the look out for those ugly mushrooms now. You made them look so cute.

  2. OH those mushrooms are so cute...they look fantastic painted

  3. What a great find!! and everything you did with them is perfect. You really scored!

  4. Paint is so amazing. Great {easy!} project!

  5. oh those are cute. And congrats to moving on one more week!

  6. I love them, they look so much better! I also love the adorable giraffe :)


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