007 James Bond Blue Swim Trunks

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In addition to selling my PDF sewing pattern, this time around I'm offering a few limited edition collections for those who would rather just purchase than sew their own.

The first limited edition mini-collection is inspired by Bond....James Bond.

Whether you prefer the classic Sean Connery from the 60s...
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...or Daniel Craig's 2006 Casino Royale,

Your little guy can strut his stuff in his own Bond Euro Swim Trunks!

I'm happy to have made some swim trunks for those who don't have time or interest in sewing their own.  
These are a new variation of my original pattern and have the light blue with contrasting black waistband and functional drawstring.

Just like the other euro swim trunks, they have a snug fit and cool vintage vibe.

This limited collection has two Bond variations:

The "Sean Connery"
has the solid blue bottom with black waistband and drawstring.
There is only one pair per size: 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T

The "Daniel Craig"
version has the modern black side stripes
only 2 pair are available in size 5T

you can view and purchase your 007 euro swim trunks below:

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  1. How adorable is little Bond's band-aid? From some exciting adventure no doubt!

  2. Ok, the bandaid is my favorite accessory. Rhett looks adorable.

  3. The band-aid is covering his stitches, last week he flew off our bed and popped it open. It's almost healed but he didn't want to take the band-aid off for the photos.

  4. What adorable boys, and what adorable trunks! I can't wait to make a pair for my little guy. I'd love to know where you get swim fabric--I've had a terrible time finding anything plain.

  5. JMH: My favorite for solids is fanshionfabricsclub.com

  6. Most definitely prefer Daniel Craig..... and hilarious that his trunks are the same blue as 60s Bond! Haha. I love how these turned out, so cute. Makes me wish I had a boy to sew for!

  7. Holy cuteness. LOVE. If only I had a boy.

  8. Love your post. Great job as always:)

  9. These are fabulous! My little boy is too much to big I realise - I may have to create something for him myself :)
    Oh, that Daniel Craig - there's some fantastic inspiration right there :)

  10. What a cute way to advertise these. You have such a way with words and your little model is adorable!

  11. Those are FANTASTIC!! Best thing I've seen all day.


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