Tutorial Variation: Shirred Pocket Skirt for Girls

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Last summer, the original shirred skirt with big pockets was such a huge hit, and it seems the tutorial gets a lot of use making cute, skirts!
Quite a few have left comments saying it was your first time sewing clothing and it turned out great.
So I thought we needed to get an adjustment to make these skirts for little girls too!

Toddler skirts are probably the easiest project to make, and so the pockets and shirred waist add a little zip to an already easy project!

 The steps to create smaller girl sized skirts is the exact same as the original tutorial. 
So rather than repeat everything, you'll print your girls sized pattern here along with the size cut charts, then refer back to the original adult post for all the steps:
updated 4/27/12 on the cut list for skirts. I had the skirt width totals rather than the two halves, so the link below is the current and correct cut chart
it's only 2 pages and has all the cutting information for sizes 12 months to girls 10!
Then hop over to the
The only change in steps/ directions will be how much shirring you sew.
For these little ones I only sewed 4 or 5 rows of the shirring elastic thread.  The larger sizes could probably handle 6-8 rows of shirring.
As far as fabric: 
Most light to mid weight fabrics will shirr: quilting cotton, linen, knits, poly blends.
I have found poplin type blends with spandex in them (the fabric often used in women's button up blouses) DO NOT shirr for some reason.  I don't know if the slight stretch in the fabric or the fact it's a little more stiff prevents it from gathering but it's the only fabric I've come across that just doesn't work, although I've never tried heavier weight fabrics like canvas, denim, or corduroy, I just assumed they'd be too heavy for the elastic thread.
For small sizes I used 1/2" wise bias tape folded to have finished 1/4" detail on for contrasting pockets with only 1/2 wide bias tape detail along hem.
Adults are 1/2" wide finished on pockets and  1" along hem.
I recently made 10 of these skirts in a range of the sizes for a wedding and they turned out so cute!

Ellie here is wearing 18-24 months and I think she'd be better in the 12 months size for reference.
Hope your spring is filled with little girls sewing!

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  1. Oh how I love ellie girl. This looks very cute.

  2. Oh, it's so cute. I like it, even the big girls version! Hmm, me thinks I'll make one for my niece too!

  3. so cute on her! great print. ;)

  4. On your pattern, you say to cut two 11.5"x30" rectangles for a size 18-24 months. Should the second number be 15"? Because when I made this skirt for myself, my fabric was about 30" long (according to the formula you have on your tutorial). That just seems really big for an 18-month-old.

    I love this skirt! So cute! :)

  5. Thanks for doing such a great tutorial in such a range of sizes...I am super excited to make these skirts for my girls! I have the same question as Rachel though...I'm guessing maybe we should only cut 1 of the rectangles? 80" around for my 6 year old sounds like it might swallow her up...?

  6. Krista:
    That is right, the skirt cuts should be half the chart, but the link was updated yesterday with new, correct widths.
    So if you already printed your chart, cut half and the width in the chart is your total skirt circumference, otherwise, print the new pattern piece and you should be good to go!

  7. Love the color contrast with the gray! Beautiful as usual!!

  8. how much fabric should you but for a 4T


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