Maurice Moss

4:00 AM

It was my husband's birthday recently.

Every year for my husband's birthday I make him a gag tee shirt.
Previous years:
This year was a tribute to his favorite sitcom:
IT Crowd.
It's a British series about nerds we've been watching on Netflix and our favorite character is Maurice Moss:

To make the t-shirt, I first got an image of Moss from google.  In Microsoft Word I posterized it with the basic image tools to make it black and white with high contrast.
Next I printed the image on freezer paper, cut out all the black portions, ironed it on a basic tee, then painted the holes with black fabric paint.
I'm still using freezer paper for my stencils, but if you have a Silhouette or something, it would be even easier.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Great t-shirt! I love it - I knew that face!!!
    I haven't tried this - what a fab idea X

  2. love it! this might be a good concept to use the next time I make my husband a lunch bag. It's certainly less laborious than the embroidering I usually do on them. It takes forever to embroider when you do it about once every 6 months. lol.
    we have watched some of the It Crowd on netflix too, and enjoyed seeing one of the guys make it into Bridesmaids. My husband could totally rock a spreadsheet lover shirt. I don't understand....but he just loves his spreadsheets.

  3. I love The IT Crowd! This is too cute.

  4. We love that show! Or rather, we love all the episodes we've seen on Netflix. ;) Great idea!

  5. He is my favorite character too. My anniversary is coming up so don't get mad if you see my husband walking around with the 'stolen idea' t-shirt! :)

  6. What a great idea! You are such a fun wife.

  7. Awesome shirt!!! I love Moss!!! :D
    I'm pinning this for sure! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Started watching this show at your recommendation. Love it!

  9. omg this is totally awesome. You crack me up!!!


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