We're Teaching A Sewing Class!

1:55 PM

My little sister Lynette and I are teaming up to teach a free community class:
Clothing Construction for Kids!

Taught by Lynette or Lady Danburry and myself.
Lynette's a professional tailor/ seamstress and I'm her teaching side kick for the night.

Provo City Library
550 N University Ave
Provo, Utah 84601
Young Special Events Room #201

Tuesday, May 15 at 7pm
It's Free!
You don't need to sign up or register--just show up!

The class is teaching how to use clothing you already own to create basic patterns for constructing your unique, original children's clothing.
This will also include basic pattern drafting and how to alter basic block patterns for new designs.
The class is for beginners who would like to branch out and create their own original designs.

No sewing machines will be present, so we won't actually construct any clothing that night.
The focus of the class is to teach you how to duplicate an existing piece of clothing, or translate your design into a usable, original pattern.
Most likely I'll do the first part showing how to duplicate clothing, and Lynette will go more in depth in creating more unique patterns.
We'll be discussing and using children's clothing as our examples for the class as they're easy--just shaped like cylinders--but principles can be applied for adult clothing as well if you don't sew for kids.

We're preparing the formal class for 30-40 minutes so 7:00 to 7:40pm and after that we're just hanging out.
Our family loves food.  Growing up if you came to our house you'd always have to eat something before you could get out of there,  so we figured we couldn't host a class without some kind of treat.  
We're also preparing a few giveaways/ raffles for you to hopefully win some children's clothing we've made.
Overall we hope it's a casual, fun, and informative night for anyone wanting to sew from scratch in the Provo, Utah area!

*****It's not a blogger event, so don't worry about planning an outfit to include a scarf or needing to whip up a ruffled tote to fit in.  Just come and hopefully we'll have something for you to learn and time to chat and hang out if you have specific questions.  It's a free community class sponsored by the library and we just thought some of our friends from the blog world in the Utah County area might be interested.  
So plan ahead since the lame I-15 construction is torture and hope to see and meet some of you in person!

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  1. This looks SO awesome! I wish I still lived in Utah County! Grrr I emailed my sister who lives there, though, and she is interested. I'll have to live through her. Thought about recording it? Or segments?

  2. I am so excited. I live close, and this would be so fun! I have admired all the cool things you sew for your kids, this would be like meeting an idol! Can't wait!

  3. I am so wishing I still lived in Provo right now! I love the products you both come out with, and would LOVE to listen to what you have to say. I'm with Just Jamie above--possibility of recording it?

  4. Ditto what Just Jaime said, hopefully my sister will go for me! What a great idea, I'm glad you're doing this, too bad I can't come, but I will eat lots of ice cream.


  5. How fun! I am an hour away, and I'll see if I am up to coming that night (health issues). It would be a blast to meet some fellow crafters/sewers.

  6. Awesome! I want to be there! HOpefully I can work it out with my hubby. :)

  7. How fun! Wish I were in Utah at that time so I could come see you two!

  8. It's a pity you can't you tube it. I'm in Australia and can't make it :( Let me know if you do record and upload it :) cause I'll be watching.

  9. I love the disclaimer at the end! :)

  10. Love your blogger disclaimer, haha! And yes I am so coming! Yay!

  11. I am more than a little jealous of the kiddos in Provo.

  12. I wish Utah wasn't so far from Philadelphia but unfortunately, it would be a very long hike for me. I know you abd your sister will do an amazing job teaching the youngins!

  13. wondering if you have plans for another class... since I missed this one-


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