Despicable Me and Maternity Halloween Costume

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Here our the Halloween costumes for our family this year:

We're all characters from the kids movie, Despicable Me.
I got the idea for these costumes a few months ago when my belly started showing with this pregnancy.  RJ told me I looked like Vector (who has a middle aged man gut) and would always love for me to say "Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!" and stick my belly out.

If you haven't seen the movie, here is where the Vector character is introduced...OH YEAH!

So trying to think of maternity Halloween costumes led me to go with the whole Despicable Me family theme this year.  Kind of selfish, but our Halloween revolved around my pregnant belly and needing to costume it somehow, luckily the rest of the fam liked their assigned roles...except for maybe Ellie.

In case you can't tell who we are:
Me= Vector: pirhana gun weilding villain
RJ= Gru: villain determined to steal the moon
Ellie= minion: mindless servant to Gru
Rhett=Dr. Nefario: old man scientist who works for Gru in the laboratory

I'm planning to post the other costumes separately this week, so here's a little about mine.
It is a total hacked job during one afternoon nap trying to sew as fast as I could just to whip it out, so the ankles and wrists aren't even hemmed.
I used an athletic mini mesh because it was the cheapest orange fabric I could find, so I have to wear leggings and a shirt underneath, but that's OK since it was snowing a few days ago here.
The front is only a zipper half way, I faked the bottom half by just top stitching twill tape down the center.

Vector's "V" nerd gang signs
I used the same pattern I've been sewing for the maternity skinny jeans, which helped make it a fast project.
All the white track stripes are just knit strips I top-stitched on with the raw edges that won't fray.
The collar is the fun part and I did actually not finish it  all during the nap and had to go back that night and draft/ sew the collar.
Glasses were sunglasses from the dollar store and I busted the lenses out, wig $6.00 from walmart that was as sexy vampire bob I cut into my attempted bowl cut.

This is a funny clip where they discuss Vector's wardrobe and I realized I should have had a black fanny-pack to complete the costume!

It was kind of fun to dress up pregnant actually.
Someone that knows I am expecting even asked me if the belly was real or if I stuffed it.
Oh no, it's real, and I've still got 12 weeks to go.

If I was huge full term pregnant I had an even better Halloween costume idea.
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Ha! That is so awesome and SO funny. I love it. Awesome costumes. You guys rock!


  2. How fun! I have not seen that movie, but love your interpretation of the characters! Eapecially the little baby one! How adorable!

  3. This is so great. But I'm a little jealous that you look so great pregnant.

  4. best costume EVER!! I love it!!
    Love the hair too..LOL

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm dying! This has to be the best pregnant costume EVER! Seriously, RJ deserves a reward just for coming up with it! ;-)

  6. OH-YEAAAAAAAAAAA! LMAO LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! (we are huge fans of the movie too!)

  7. OH-YEAAAAAAAAAAA! LMAO LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! (we are huge fans of the movie too!)

  8. This is awesome! My 3 yr old was looking over my shoulder and says, "No WAY!" He loves your costumes too.

  9. Oh YEAH!!!!! WOW. Those are amazing costumes. Good form.

  10. Awesome! You make a great Vector! You've got his facial expressions and body language down to an art form!

  11. TOTALLY. CRACKING. ME. UP! So awesome - I'm in awe of folks that do family costumes. Maybe someday I'll be on top of it enough to coordinate ours like that (and convince my husband to dress up). You rock!

  12. this is AWESOME!!! i have three little girls and they remind me so much of the girls on despicable me-- i have wanted to dress them up as that, but couldn't figure out how to do it so that people knew who they were. i guess i need to get pregnant and convince my hubs to dress up and get a dog to be a minion. . . anything for the perfect halloween costumes, right? ;0)

  13. Oh this the super coolest thing ever! I love this whole theme! How fun!

  14. BAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU. I absolutely looooove how you got all into it in the pictures. Fantastic! That is all.

  15. You are wonderful -- creative and inspiring. I'm so glad you share your endeavours with us.

  16. you are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously this is too much! I can't hardly stand it!

  17. I love it! That totally brightened up my day. :)

  18. Brilliant! I love it and I love that you have a family theme! :)

  19. This is incredible, Jessica! Absolutley love it! HILARIOUS!!

  20. This is one of our favorite movies, and I LOVE your costumes! How fun!

  21. Jess - this is AWESOME!!! I love everything about this!!! Hope you and your family are having fun trick or treating right now :).

  22. Fabulous costume -- I'm super impressed. You look great!

  23. Jess, you are seriously the coolest!

  24. OMG best family costume EVER! LOVE that movie and you are looking 'great' ;-)

  25. Where did you bought your minions costume?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I must know...what is your costume idea for a super prego belly? I'll be 28 wks with twins so I'm afraid ill be way too big to pull off vector :)

    1. oh, that is really great! I always hope to be full term at halloween so my husband and I could be Drew carey and mimi. I always planned to make the big muu muu and bright blue eye shadow. The show ended years ago, so I was never sure how many people would recognize us.


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