Plum Maternity Cords

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I've come to the point in my pregnancy I have to wear maternity pants.
I fight it as long as I can, but the belly is too big, weight gain makes them too small, and regular pants are too uncomfortable despite the tricks to make them work as long as possible.
But the problem is I loathe maternity pants.
 My biggest problem is they're never long enough, which stinks.  I imagine there's no petite maternity clothing as there's never tall maternity--I guess they figure only average women get pregnant.  Also, it seems there's not many options even for the regular sizes.

So my last pregnancy I bought cheap jeans and added the maternity band.
I'm wearing them this time around again, but even the long size isn't long enough and they bug me.

So to save money, because who likes to spend cash on maternity clothing, I went the next step and made some maternity jeans from big, purple, corduroy pants.
My mom made me these 5 years ago with my first pregnancy, and they were wide leg, big purple pants, not very fashionable but really comfortable.
Here's an awful picture from 2008 wearing the big version when I dressed up as Phyllis from The Office nine months pregnant at a party celebrating the sitcom returning after the months of writer strikes.

So now colored jeans are everywhere, I thought I'd update the purple corduroy pajama pants into a slimmer pair of cords.
I traced a pair of jeans that still fit through the butt and thighs on my big purple pants, and ended up with comfortable plum jeans!
I didn't have enough fabric from the refashion to do real pockets or back pockets, but they are as comfortable as pajamas!  
I'm a no panel kind of girl, so the waist is the wide elastic that cuts low in the front to go under the belly.
Then the pockets are fake along with the fly.

These jeans are as easy as making the baby jeggings, with no zip in the fly or waistband. I'm in the process of sewing another pair, and trying to put better instructions together for anyone else who hates the fit or having to buy maternity pants.  They're such a quick and easy sew, especially once you've made your pattern from a regular pair of jeans.

They're so comfortable and fit better than my other maternity pants, I've been wearing them a lot.
So here's another shot of the plum pants!

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  1. So awesome! I would be terrified to make my own pants but might have to give it a try.

  2. "I guess they figure only average women get pregnant"... hehe, that is too true. My problem was always the maternity shirts... just too short. I'm not fond of my belly showing even in shirts that are supposed to be longer. ;-)

  3. I'm 5'9" and I've had good luck with gap jeans being long enough. Mine drag on the ground, actually. But you've come up with a very cute and cheap alternative!

  4. I love the look of this kind of maternity pants - with just a band instead of a full panel. But I can never get them to stay up. I seriously spend the whole day yanking on them. Am I missing something or does anybody else have the same problem?
    By the way, though, cute pants! :D

    1. That is why I always liked the full panel pants. I also thought the under the belly bands got really painful as I got HUGE the last two months.

  5. Christine:
    That's the pain with maternity pants for me, the butt sagging and having to pull them up. These I was able to shape the center back and side seams to curve back in around my butt, which helps along with a little tighter elastic. So these have stayed up better than store bought so far. But my problem with the full panel becomes I can't stand it on my belly so it falls under, then the crotch sags. Maternity pants are just hard! Wish it was warmer to just live in skirts.

  6. You look adorable.
    I love that you made those pants work for you. Your baby bump is very sweet too.

  7. much improved, and so cute on you! great work!

  8. Those are very very cute. Your tutorial for maternity jeans out of regular jeans saved me during my pregnancy this year. I bought two pairs of the same type of jeans, and freezer paper stenciled the pockets so they looked different.

  9. I too like the band that goes under the belly. Your pants look really comfortable and they are cute too!

  10. those look great! When we get the guts to go for baby #3, I'll have to try making my own, too! I also prefer that style of maternity pants.

  11. oh yes how clever.. where were you when i needed this? i totally never had the confidence to put my ideas onto the fabric. a very few times that i did i miscalculated being 3D. not only did you solve a challenge but the results look really nice.

  12. So cute, I love that color! And that picture of you as Phyllis is HYSTERICAL. I love it hard.

  13. Those look so comfy! And you are awesome, as usual :)

  14. So cute! Your boots are so cute..... new?


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