Zero the Ghost Dog

1:38 PM

This year we added to our Nightmare Before Christmas life-size collection.
Last year we made Jack Skellington, tutorial here.
We made the next character and went with the easier option by making the ghost dog, Zero.

So zero is pretty simple.  I started by making a wire skeleton. 
The joints were secured with duct tape strips.

 I added a cheap Christmas red bulb for the nose, taping it to the wire head frame.

Then to make the skin or ghost layer, I had a thin mesh from JoAnn.
It was in their Halloween fabrics and the end of the bolt called it "ghoul fabric".
Basically cheesecloth or anything that looks gauze like would work.
So I just laid the fabric and hand sewed it to the wire frame, just quickly looping the stitch around the sides.
The body of the dog was one big pieces just draped.
The head was sewn in different sections around the different areas.  It was all just kind of hack and tack to get it covered.

Then for the eyes I cut 2 felt ovals and glued them to the head. 

 So now Zero joins his master on our front porch.
He actually hangs on the other side of the front door from fishing line to look like he's a hovering ghost dog.
I'm hoping next year I'll feel up to making a life-size Sally to finish the trio.

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  1. This is so cute! The wire color showing through just adds to the spookyness. Where do you keep them during the year?

  2. This is amazing. Sounded super hard and more complicated then something I would likely choose to do myself. Which just means you are due more praise for attempting and succeeding at something so seriously neat!

  3. that is a good question! Jack sat in our garage on a thrifted chair I've been meaning to refinish this whole last year. We're moving next summer to a different state, so after Christmas all our holiday decor is going to my mom's basement until we move, so they'll go there for now, but yes, a storage issue!

  4. Wow, these are fantastic! What a fun collection.

  5. This is great! I loved the movie and I love your decorations. The pup is fantastic!

  6. I just said the other day that now I need to make Zero! I made Jack last year and this year I decided that I would be his Sally! I have been working hard on my costume and it is nearly done and WILL be ready in time for the trick-or-treaters. I'm planning to make an unstuffable, restuffable body so I can use the dress as a decoration when it isnt in use as a costume. I have slightly different ideas for my Zero, but I love your gauzy (is that a word?) fabric. Mine will not be getting done this year though.
    I LOVE your Zero. My Jack got folded into a huge box and was stored in a closet all year. I didn't use sturdy enough wire, so mine isn't very pose able, but he folds up pretty well!
    Thanks for posting this. He's awesome! Great job.


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