Ellaria's Fall Collection

4:00 AM

I've had so much fun sewing for Ellie the last few weeks, I thought I'd make a fall clothing post to round up all the individual posts/ tutorials.
I usually struggle so much with girl looks, so having an episode of inspiration was really fun, as well as knowing our next baby is also a girl so all these clothes will get to be worn again.
plaid blouse, Sherlie blazer, autumn blouse,
mustard e cords, baby voile skirt, charcoal e cords, chickadee jumper, elle purse

I tried to pick the fabrics, colors, and prints for this little group so that all the pieces could be mixed and matched easily.  
I also wanted to have a variety of separates like the blouses, skirt and pants, along with the jumper dress that can be layered as well.
My favorite piece is definitely the baby herringbone blazer.
I think my favorite designing and sewing are preppy, structured jackets and coats.
click on images below for full post on each garment

In the mix were two patterns: 
Elle Purse and e Cords Pattern Pieces (18 months)

And to finish it off, my two favorite photos from all the pictures taken for this little collection:

Ellie will be glad to have a break from photoshoots.
She's not the ham like her older brother and gets annoyed.

On to Halloween costumes!

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  1. Love this! Your colour choices are so perfect and as always everything looks so professional. Thanks for sharing! (Oh, and Ellie's perfectly adorable!!)

  2. Yes-- these are absolutely awesome. My fav's are the purse and blazer, of course! But everything is gorgeous.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 1 post on Oct. 05, 2012. Thanks again.

  4. Too cute!! My favorite is the jumper. I think I remember it was a modified pattern, but I just love it.

  5. You are so amazingly talented! I am always amazed at your creativity and execution... thank you for the constant inspiration.

  6. So cute! I wish I had that same fall wardrobe! You've got skills!

  7. Oh I just want to look at those photos all day of an adorable girl in perfect clothes made by her Mum! What a great job you do.
    If only I could squeeze a few more hours in my day.... Or maybe work a few late nights!
    Keep up the great work.


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