Simple Blouse Week Day 1: Printed

1:57 AM

I'm pretty excited to switch gears from all the Ellie/ toddler/ girl/ dresses and do some selfish sewing for myself.
After each baby I seem to feel disappointed when I unpack my regular clothes and want to throw them all away and start over.
Maybe it has to do with the hormones or something, post-partum wardrobe meltdown syndrome?
But I really wanted some new tops once packing up the maternity clothes and I'm still trying to avoid knit t-shirts.
The solid knit Target or Old Navy tees served me well the last 15 years of my life.  
I'm trying to branch out more into the blouse arena where the fabric doesn't cling to my saggy post-baby gut.
Plus summer is on its way and a looser woven blouse is much cooler than the knit tees right next to my skin.
Thus I have a whole week of posts based on my original simple blouse from last summer.

So get ready for:
here on the blog.
There's five different variations of the basic simple blouse planned.
My blouse pattern is as simple as it comes, no boob darts, no closure (neck is large enough to go over head) and no special seams.
I'm planning on keeping the posts simple with only a few pictures, as the same shirt 5 ways doesn't really require too much elaboration...and I got lazy with the photoshoots. :)
I had specific outfit ideas around each blouse, but decided just to take photos of them in jeans for this go around.  Hopefully they'll pop up again in future posts down the road.
(I'm also hoping to sew a batch of casual summer skirts)
These were really fun to whip out, taking between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the variation.

So first up:
The most obvious way to switch up a basic pattern is in the fabric choice.
I found this vermilion print on the clearance table at Joanns, making this top cost only $3.00
It's just the basic simple blouse pattern using a printed fabric.

This was the easiest, only taking about 15 minutes to cut and sew.
Just side and shoulder seams, insert sleeves, then hem the sleeves, neck and bottom. 
I don't often sew with prints, especially in clothing for me, so this is my subtle branching out into the scary realm of printed fabric.

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  1. Great inspiration. I have just finally created a bodice block for myself to make some simple tops. Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. that's exciting! I wish I'd started these years ago!

  2. Love the French knot version, and this new print version is really lively and refreshing.

  3. Very pretty! Simple and stylish!

  4. I love the fabric pattern. It makes the shirt more visually interesting.

  5. my kind of print. do you think there would be any challenges in lengthening it? it appears to be pretty straightforward. just thought you might anticipate anything to look out for n the process. sometimes I get the "drape" of he fabric off when I do alterations.

    1. I'd think it shouldn't be a problem to make it as long as you want. Obviously different body shapes might become an issue if someone has dramatically wider hips than their waist it might be a good idea to flare it out to lay nicely if you're not using a stretch fabric. I've been considering a tunic length actually!

  6. This came out great! I WISH I could sew for myself!

    1. it is like anything else that you decide to do just do it. just do not think you will be an accomplished seamstress the first time you sit in front of a sewing machine.

  7. Love this Jess! I would love some more blouses for myself as well. Do you have a pattern for purchase or a download? I can't sew along now, but would love to in a month or so when we get settled after our move.

  8. Excited about Simple Blouse Week! I've wanted to branch out and make a few things for myself lately. Mama's rarely get to do that, huh? My biggest hold-up is finding the right fabric. Our (only) fabric store carries mostly quilting cotton. What are your favorite fabrics to use for simple blouses??

    1. For these I'm experimenting with a few different kinds. This orange one is fake suede, kind of feels a little micro-fiberish. It may be a little warm for the heat of summer. I've made a few for later posts in chiffon, cotton voile, poly blends, and cotton blend shirting. I have JoAnn but their selection is pretty scarce to me as well. Especially in the prints, a lot of "granny" stuff in my opinion. I'd like to try one out of eyelet as well. I've been seeing tons of eyelet in dresses, skirts and tops lately. A simple top like this would actually be a really good project if you've never used chiffon or another thin, lightweight fabric. You use the lining to eliminate most hemming.


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