Claudia Raid

11:06 PM

This is my aunt Claudia. My little sister, Lynette, and I had the chance to go to her house and take all the fabric she was getting rid of. She makes custom drapes and is remodeling her basement, and needed to get rid of years worth of remnant fabrics, upholstery and more. Lynette and I were dying. It was so exciting. We filled my car with trash bags of fabric. It was awesome!!!!! We brought it home and spread it all over the floor of our craft room in my mom's house. THERE WAS TONS. We all went through to pick out what we especially wanted, then we'll put the rest on a shelf for anyone who would like it. We are thrilled to get so much fabric. As we were all sorting through, all these projects were popping through our heads.

Thank you Claudia!

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  1. Jealous!!! I CANT wait to see what you guys create!!! What fun!


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