Silky Jim-Jams

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These little pajamas for my son were inspired by some fabric in the Claudia raid. My aunt had a sack of left over fabric from drapes she'd made. They were ivory and silky. Rhett was running around playing in all the fabric as we were dumping them out, and he loved the silky drapes, rolling in them and carrying them around. So I thought he would love pajamas out of the drapes with the silky side against his skin.

As I thought about what kind of pajamas to make, a scene from Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken popped in my head. Sonora wakes up Al early in the morning and he gets out of bed and has these weird sack underwear on. The pajamas would be Al's underwear!!! Basically a sack with the button in the back to get into. I found this add from the 1920s which is what I was thinking of.

Since these jammies were inspired from the diving horse movie, that kindof became the theme. I was going to applique something more masculine on the chest of the jammies so they'd look less like baby lingerie, and so I found old photographs of actual diving horses.

So on the chest of the jammies, I used the freezer paper stenciling to paint the diving horse. To be honest, I was kindof disappointed in the turnout. The tower is too big and it's hard to tell what it all is. If I could redo it, I would just do the horse with the rider diving.

I used pearly cowboy snaps on the back rather than the red buttons I had planned earlier, to add to the horse theme.

So the chest is a little too wide, but he likes the silky jim-jams and they turned out pretty cute I think. I used a red t-shirt for the contrast binding and the strip of red on the back.

Vintage cut, silky, horsey pajamas.

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