Bulldog that's really a diaper bag

2:38 PM

This is for my little guy. He's 14 months old and the older he gets, the less crap I need to carry around for him. But now all I usually take are diapers, wipes and a cup, I decided he could carry it himself! This is just like the other backpacks I've made for Etsy, but mini size. All my family refers to RJ as "the bulldog" so I thought that would be a good flap for him. I went with blue, and finished and held it out when all the sudden it hit me--I hope this doesn't look like a wannabe Blue's Clues! Not that RJ cares, or I do really, but maybe I should have gone with green. Because this was for me, I got lazy and just used blue ribbon as the strap loops, where I usually make them with the same fabric as the rest of the backpack body.

I'm sure as he gets older he'll prefer his own things in there other than diapers and wipes, but for now, it works out well.

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  1. Oh my goodness you are so talented! I envy super creative crafty people such as yourself!


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