Aztec Pencil Skirt

12:51 AM

I've been sewing a lot lately, and I wanted to make something for me. I've had this fabric for a while. It reminds me of Aztec culture or something. First I made it into a simple, elasticisized waist skirt and I hated it. The fabric was too heavy and didn't flow, and the print was too large and looked stupid scrunched. So I decided to turn it into a pencil skirt. It's pretty simple. Because the print is so large I just made a back seam with the zipper and sewed darts at the sides, front quarters, and back quarters. The waistband is thin.
I feel like such a dork taking photos of myself in something I made, so nothing fancy. So here's the Aztec Pencil Skirt.

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  1. You are very talented.!! Your work is really great. I just love how that pencil skirt turned out so beautiful.


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