Cutting Table

3:14 PM

I had to move all my sewing/ project stuff from the guest room, upstairs. I would need a cutting table, and lucked out finding this table on craigslist for....FREE! It was actually a sacrament table from a church. It is all wood, super sturdy, the only thing was it wreaked like smoke. Gross.
It was also only 30" tall, way too short to cut on.
But the top is the exact size of my Olfa mat!

So I brought it home and my Mom helped me saw up some wood to make stilts for the table, to raise it to 38" tall, much more comfortable to cut at. I cleaned it up and it still stunk, so I used some paint I had to give it a little make over and took care of the stench.


For being completely free, this was so awesome. It is a perfect height and size for the olfa mat. I am storing all my thread and patterns underneath, and the shelf was cut out, making a perfect slot for the trash (yellow bucket) and the scrap box (apple box).

I really love great finds and projects that transform junk into something useful, and cost me nothing!

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