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I've always wanted a way to store my ribbon on a dowel, it reminds me of a high end candy store or something, I don't know why.
It does make it a lot more organized and easy to access the ribbon, plus I always love the look of all the colors lined up. So I was excited to get one of my own when I had to move my sewing room. All I needed to buy was the dowel, for only $0.40, I had the rest of the stuff on hand.


-2 mug hooks

-5/16" dowel

-white pray paint


-thin cardboard

1. Spray paint the dowel white or paint it the color of your choice.

2. Twist white mug hooks in the bottom of the shelf, cupboard, etc.

3. Loop all your ribbon spools on your dowel.

4. To keep the ribbon spools in place, cut 2 small circles of thin cardboard, like the cardboard used to package toys, electronics, etc. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the center. Push the cardboard circle on the ends. The hole punch is a little smaller than the dowel, so the cardboard rings won't move, and hold the spools tight so the weight of the ribbon won't let them unravel on their own.

5. Hang the dowel from the hooks with ribbon

I had a huge bag of ribbon not on spools. I bought grab bags holding 30 yards of misc. ribbon for $2.00 and so to sort all of that plus my own odds and ends, I just put them in gallon bags according to color and clipped all the bags to a trouser hanger I found that was metal and had rubber lining the bottom. This ribbon stash hangs in the closet.

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