Swim Cover Up

12:14 PM

I got this stretch terrycloth for $1.00 at a fabric yard sale a couple weeks ago. I last minute used it to make a swim cover up. The terrycloth works well, whicking up moisture, but being stretchable to go over head and shoulders or hips.
I took the piece and it was a basic rectangle to go around my body, just like you would wear a towel. I cut the two outer edges in a gradual curve, so when they crossed, it would overlap and give walking room.
I serged the edges rather than sewing a hem. I made a casing at the top for 1" elastic to keep it up, then for the straps made 1.5" wide tubes to house the elastic. I ended up having the fabric tubes much longer than the elastic, but I decided I kind of liked the bunched up straps and left it bunchy.
Pretty easy and comfy!
photo taken at Secret Beach on the north shore of Kauai

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