My Dream Project Room

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We currently live with my parents until my husband graduates school. I was using the guest bedroom for all my sewing stuff. It was a bedroom, so thread all over the floor, clogging the vacuum and always a mess. Lynette and I would always talk about how our dream sewing/ craft rooms would definitely be hard wood. Easy to just sweep the threads rather than have to scrape them off the carpet, and kill vaccuums sucking them up.

Bad luck happened to strike in the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom I had as a kid. It was another guest bedroom. Water from the bathroom soaked the carpet, ruining it. So the floor needed new carpet, but my mom found laminate flooring at a great deal, and so she decided she'd only pay half of the cost of replacing the carpet, and install laminate. It was a fun project, and took us one day.
Since everything was moving around, they wanted my sewing junk up there to free up the real guest bedroom. I was thrilled! It is my dream project room. Lots of storage, pretty good lighting, and the wood floors!! I am in heaven until April when the husband graduates and we'll move. But now I know how to install the laminate flooring, so if we ever purchase a home, maybe I could make myself another dream room later.

This new room holds all the things I use:

-tall cutting table I made over

-closet/ storage

-sewing table, one side sewing machine, other serger

-desk for shipping/ etsy stuff (this was my first desk I got when I was 8)

-shelves for projects in their different stages, and to hold of course, the TV where I put on movies while I sew all night

-Iron with bonus window sill for everything

There is the nice, deep shelf along one wall, and I knew I'd need to use if for fabric storage. Lynette and I have been trying to figure out the best way to store fabric, and we don't have a solution, but we'll see how this works. I used diaper boxes on end, and cut off the top portion. So the stacks are narrow and tall according to color. If I need some fabric, I pull down the box, then put it back up so I can see what I have, but easier to access. Hopefully it will be handy.

Another thing I LOVE is the cubbies in the closet. Lynette, my mom and I all combine our scraps. This is really great, especially when you do applique and just need small pieces. We have all these orange boxes with the scraps in certain colors. But the closet cubbies organize them so great! Yay for using all your scraps!

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