Faux Chenille Throw Pillow

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Another throw pillow.  Like all the others, I prefer the envelope method, so it's just a cover you can remove and wash, cheap (no zipper), and super easy to sew.

But what's different about this one, is the textured surface.
I used the faux chenille technique, the same from this scarf.
But this time I added the mustard chenille layers to the front of a smokey blue pillow.
This will go in our family room as an accent.  Family room colors here.  Recent furniture makeover here.

So to make this, you still need to sew and cut your tunnels on the bias.  But the process is closer to Dana's tutorial for the baby blankets, because you sew the lines on the diagonal, where my scarf was cut on the diagonal and the lines were sewnn straight.
So here's a quick summary for this pillow:

The pillow form is 13" square, so I cut five 14" squares: 1 blue backing, and 4 yellow cotton.
I ironed them and layered the blue on the bottom, followed by the 4 yellow on top.
Using a ruler, I drew a diagonal line from one corner to the other.
Next I sewed all the lines, first sewing the drawn longest diagonal, then working my way to the edge, trying to keep all the layers smooth as I went.

I chose to sew my lines 1/4" apart.  The closer the lines, the softer the finished chenille.  But 1/4" seams take a lot longer if you're making a blanket or something, so a small pillow was small enough so I could see how it turned out, using the smallest space.  Plus it's easy to guide, just using the edge of your presser foot. 

Next you cut between all your lines, but only cutting through the 4 yellow layers.  I used this Olfa blade (less expensive to buy through joann.com with a 50% off coupon) that made it go quick.

Then you construct the back of the pillow following the envelope tutorial.  So the base of this pillow is blue, with the yellow soft chenille on the front.

I really like having the blue base, as it kind of peeps through the layered chenille to add more contrast to the texture.
This pillow has only been washed and dried twice, so over the years with more washings and use, it will fray more, get softer, and likely show more blue between the rows.
Just a quick, easy way to add a lot of texture to a pillow cover.
Joining this month's little pillow contest, winning pillow judged by Anna @ Noodlehead!
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  1. it's gorgeous!
    how do you have so much preggo energy?
    make me a couple:O)
    i kid!

  2. Sweet! I never thought about using this method for anything other than a blanket.

  3. Love the pillows! I bet they are sooo soft to lay your head on. Fabulous!

  4. What a lovely blog you have. Your pillow is so different. Must feel amazing. Thanks for playing along =)


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