Baby Envelope Pillow and Boy Room

9:45 PM

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This is another repeat project, making an envelope pillow cover.
You can use this tutorial, just skip all the pillow front embellishment steps.
Pillow covers are super easy and fast, this one took less than 15 min!
I used the left over fabric from my son's airplane quilt my mom made.
Here's the full post if you want to see how awesome my mom is, and more info on this quilt.
But here you can see how it fits on his twin bed.

This little throw pillow was 13" square.  I actually got it from a family member who came to town and kept the airline pillow from their flight.  So thank you Delta Airlines!

Here's his side of the room.  When we have the baby the other wall will be the girl corner.
His crib and baby bedding was also made by my mom, and it was all animal theme, thus these animal print name plates.  Pretty much the room is animal/ giraffe themed.  With the airplane bed.
Kind of a mix of things he likes I guess.

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  1. Cute! That airplane bedspread is so cute too! Can I ask a side note...what kind of carpet do you have? It always looks so lush and comfortable. :)

  2. The airplane bedspread is adorable and I love the animal print name plates. Very cute room :)


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