Preschool Floor Mats

10:43 PM

Three other moms and myself are starting a little mom preschool with our kids.  It's just once a week, so you teach once a month, and pretty low key.  As we were making assignments, I volunteered to make little floor mats for each kid.  There's 2 boys and 2 girls, so each mat has the kid's first initial.

Since both boys' names start with "R", I put my little guy's middle initial on there too, since we call him RJ anyway.

I cut up an old fraying/ bleached bath towel for the back, and basically did the same thing as these dish drying mats, which is why I didn't take pictures to make a tutorial.
The only difference with these was adding the applique letters to the front before sewing the it to the towel backing.
Hopefully the kids like them.  But more importantly, hopefully they actually sit on these to help them stay in one spot.  We'll see how it all goes.

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  1. What a cute idea! Hope it works! :-)

  2. I wish I was there to do it with you!! Darling mats!

  3. I love this. I am planning my daughter's 3rd bday party. We are hosting a music class and I would like to have some floor mats for each of the kids to sit on. I don't sew so I have some other ideas (using inexpensive pillow cases tied off with ribbon), but I can't think of what to stuff them with. Did you stuff these? Any ideas for a cheap solution? I don't want them thick, but they should probably have something in them because of how I am making them.

  4. I love this and I already have the fabric picked out for our Joy School mats. One question - how did you get the letters? Did you use a stencil or just free-hand them? So adorable! Thanks for the idea.



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