Pacifier Clip Tutorial

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I guess I've started realizing I'm having a baby in less than two months and need to "nest" somewhat and prepare to have a baby around the house again.
So I made a few pacifier clips. 
These are quick, easy, unique, and would make great baby shower gifts.
Each one took less than 10 minutes, so you could whip out a bunch in no time.

The tutorial is mainly in the photos, so there won't be that much commentary between.

For the pink 1.5" wide ribbon, you need to iron 1/4" in on each side.  To make it easy, I put the green 1" ribbon inside and ironed the pink edges over the green. 
I found the suspender clip in the notions section of the craft store, it came in a package of 2 clips for I think $2.50 or something.

1. Attach ribbon loop to 1" ribbon 
I didn't measure the length of the loop, just eyeballed it and pinned it on.  You just need the hole in the loop big enough for the rest of the clip to fit through.

2. I sew the whole length of the ribbon, because it will show on the other side if you just sew the skinny loop ends. 

3. Finish one end of wider ribbon 

4. Put the narrow ribbon inside the wide ribbon 

5. Finish the edges, securing ribbons together. 

6. Finish the other end 

7. Attach metal clip 

Finish off the ends and you're finished! 

In case you're wondering how this works with a pacifier, I couldn't find an old pacifier to to hook mine on, but here's a photo.
 The thin ribbon loops through a hole or handle on the pacifier, then the whole clip loops through itself as shown.
I just ordered these Gumdrop pacifiers, that seem to be pretty good. I liked that you can sanitize them in the dishwasher, and it is one piece so gunk can't get trapped.  I guess the top is cut down to fit their face better too.
Has anyone ever used them?

So if you have babies with pacifiers, or your friends/ family have pacifiers falling on the floor and getting dirty or lost, get some cute ribbon and make some useful clips!
You could also just use two pieces of 1" ribbon and sew the sides together right on the edge, rather than have the wide ribbon to fold around a smaller ribbon.  Just an idea! 

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  1. Way cute! Makes me wish for a baby to attach it to! :)

  2. Love that these can be used with any pacifier! It's hard to find clips that will work with Soothies!

  3. My babies ONLY wanted the gumdrops! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  4. Great tutorial! I wish I had had one of these when my daughter was little.

    I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  5. wish i had discovered these things back when my baby was using the paci. would have saved me a lot of time unfortunately spent searching on the ground (frantically) for them.

  6. This is a fabulous tutorial! I have about a handful of friends & family members delivering in the next few months. This will make for a nice addition to their homemade gifts!

  7. I am definitely planning on making some of these for upcoming baby showers! Great tutorial!

  8. thank you! i have a 6 month old and she only takes the soothie binkies and i can't use all my cute holders with them. I just bought her the gumdrop ones the other day and she loves them just as much as the other ones but they are SO much cuter. now i am going to overhaul all my old binkie holders that i made with my oldest to be just like these so I can use them! thank you!

  9. I made one!

    I'm going to make a few more for the other ladies I know that are pregnant. Thanks so much for this tutorial.

  10. Seeewww cute! I wish I had seen this for the last baby shower I attended! I'll have to try it next time!

  11. Thanks for the great tutorial! I just made a couple of these, and mentioned your post :)

  12. Gumdrop pacifiers is all my baby will use. They are great! Love your article, I'm gonna try this out :)

  13. I've seen these with other people but could not find in the stores. Thank you very much! Future babies - Here we come!!!

  14. my son was born with an intestinal issue and had surgery at 9 days old. which meant a 5 week stay in the NICU from the time he was born. I originally bought the cute little nuk pacifiers but in the NICU they use and keep Gumdrop brand needless to say the nurses had him switched before I knew it and now nothing else will do. LOL but that's ok because he is healthy n happy n even tho the whole pacifier ordeal happened the nursed were absolutely amazing! thanks for sharing this video because we have lost a ton of them and now we won't!


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