Upcycled Knit Vest

5:00 AM

I've been trying to use some of my "goodwill knits" to make space.
I had this blue ribbed-knit sweater I used to wear all the time in high school.  So it got a second life, this time that of a boy's sweater vest.

I actually bought 5" of brown ribbing for this project.  I usually just cut up other knit I have, but I couldn't find any brown shirts in my stash. 

Not that you can see it, but I also added a 2" ribbing band along the bottom, as it was just a shirt hem, not a nice sweater bottom.  Sewing with the knit sweater can be a pain, as it can stretch a ton, and become deformed as you sew.  To avoid this, I sewed with my tension at 10, and stay stitched the sweater neckline before I sewed the ribbing on top to help stabilize it from stretching huge.
It's a good tutorial, and a pretty quick project, and I always like to see my high school favorites somewhere else rather than the trash or good will.  Yes, I have clothing from high school that I've carted around for years, just waiting to be upcycled.  I hope that doesn't gross you out.

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  1. RJ crosses his fingers like me. I have tons of kid pictures with my fingers crossed like that.

  2. I love it! It isn't gross--- it is resourceful!

  3. upcycling doesn't gross me out. i think it's awesome in fact, and i hope to be able to do more of it myself. great vest by the way! i saw this tutorial on Dana's site and have been meaning to make a few for my son as well.

  4. I gave you an award: http://sandtopearl.blogspot.com/2011/01/sweet-award.html


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