Duvet Cover from Clearance Sheet Set

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My husband got a down comforter for Christmas.
But it's not really a comforter for our bed, more like his blankie.  He'll take it in the basement when we watch movies, and so it came time to cover it so the white casing didn't get trashed.
It surprises me how much duvet covers can cost.
So when I found extra-thick flannel sheet sets 50% off at Fred Meyer I thought I could make one cheaper than purchasing one, especially when he didn't care what kind of fabric or print.  The selection was slim, as these were the winter/ christmas sheets on clearance.  After digging through snowflake sheets a while, I found a solid red set in Queen size.
**I had enough fabric to use queen size sheets for a queen sized comforter.  It would be easier to find a larger sheet size (king) for a queen comforter so you don't have to piece the fitted sheet.

So the sheets became the comforter duvet.
Here's some instructions followed by a diagram.  I didn't take photos of the process, because it's such big sewing, I didn't think it would really help that much.
Also, there are many ways to close the duvet, like buttons.  But I made it easy with the longest generic zipper I could find: 24 inches long.

1. Take the fitted sheet and trim off the elastic on the edge, and cut the corner seems so it will lay flat.
2. Trim the flat sheet to the dimensions of your comforter.
3. I had to trim and piece strips on the fitted sheet to make it the full size of the comforter to match the top sheet.
4. Take one of the shorter sides and sew a 24" general zipper in, obviously with the sheets right side together.
5. Open the zipper a couple inches, then sew the rest of your sides together, then use the hole left in the open zipper to turn right side out.
6. Fit your comforter in through the 2 foot hole from the zipper, and zip it up your done!

I thought I may have to cut up the pillow cases, but I had enough fabric with the sheets for the duvet cover.
Because the comforter as mentioned before isn't our bedding, I need to get going on my plans for the real master bed.

***Just wanted to add another great idea from Tanya that she left in the comments.
To sew cord in each corner of the duvet, then sew the same ties to the corners of your comforter, to keep the comforter in place within the duvet. I will have to add them.

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  1. I've made a few duvet covers in the same manner...no way am I paying nearly as much for the cover as I did for the duvet! A little add-on I like to use sew a little tie (usually strong ribbon, scraps of bias tape, etc) to each corner of the duvet and each corner (inside of the duvet cover) to keep everything in place. I've used the ties, buttons and elastic loops, and hooks and eyes, and they all work quite well to prevent shifting inside the cover.

  2. Thank you! I've been mulling over how to create a duvet cover for our bed. The only bummer is that ours is a CalKing. I'm sure I'll have to piece whatever I make. Nice to know it can be done simply.

    And I love the idea of a way to hold the thing in place inside the cover! Yay! Re-energized to tackle this project!

  3. Thanks for the great idea and how to keep it in place. I have one that I'm going to fix as it keeps sliding around. I was thinking about chucking it since its so frustrating. Thanks guys!

  4. What a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. Wow. You have really made great duvet covers out of what you have done. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.


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