Bucket Hat

10:43 AM

My son has a big head.  He's grown out of his hats.  If you saw the girl sunhat post yesterday, you saw he didn't like wearing a ruffled girl hat for my photos.
So RJ got a boy's bucket hat.
I used the tutorial and free pattern for this reversible bucket hat from Abby @ Sew Much Ado.
The pattern was for 2-3T so I added 1/2" all around the circle, and 1/2" on the fold edge of the brim and band pieces to make it a larger size.

I was trying to ask him what he wanted on his hat, and mentioned it would be his fishing hat for when his dad takes him fishing. He told me he wanted Nemo on his hat with orange and white stripes.  I happened to have this orange and white striped cotton I bought for $2.00/yd on clearance, so that was fun to use it for this little hat.  The navy blue is a "linen look" I just got from fabric.com for $2.00/yd on clearance.

For the eye hole of the fish, I just used a paper hole punch and it made the perfect circle. 

I decided to add all the orange contrasting stitching on the hat seams. 

I chose to sew all the rows of stitching on the brim. 

The hat is reversible, although I found out RJ doesn't like the orange stripes, he needs Nemo out.  But I noticed how all the stripes lined up along the seam, totally random and lucky as I kept changing the fold when I was cutting out the lining. 

It's a quick project and will help out in the sun since most often I remember the hat, but forget sunscreen. 

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  1. Oh it's so cute! My daughter would love a girl version of this. She's very into hats lately.

  2. Both hats are fabulous, Jess. I am always impressed with the things you come up with!

  3. So cute! My son got one of those hats for his birthday and he wears it everywhere.

  4. Super Cute! I think I will give it a whirl.

  5. Gah! Adorable! I just made my boys some shorts for the 4th of July and thot yesterday, "Wish I had a tute for bucket hats to match." Tho we're leaving today for our cabin so I won't get them done in time...I'm still going to make them for the summer! Thanks!!!!!

  6. SO CUTE!! Thanks for posting this! I was loving the ruffle hat you posted yesterday, and was trying to figure out how to make one for my 2 little guys with out the ruffle brim. This will be perfect! Thanks!

  7. That is darling! I swear I have to many things on my "want to do list" but I want to add this too it.

  8. i just made three of those hats yesterday and today for my kiddos. (three because we lost one of the first two on our walk today, and i need it for this weekend!)

    its a great pattern, and pretty easy to adjust sizes. i made one as is and its fits my 2.5 year old perfectly, and the other an inch smaller and it looks just right for my 1 year old. :)

  9. So cute. Looks like you made somebody happy!

  10. That is adorable. Love the fishy. Now I really want to make one.


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