Square Drape Neck Top

12:22 AM

Here's the other half of my black wedding outfit.  A black knit top that has a square neck that kind of looks like a subtle cowl draped neckline.

I found this pattern a while ago on sale for only $2.00 and decided to give it a try.
Vogue 2945

The pattern has weird length sleeves with annoying cuffs, so I just made it just above the elbow and just a hem.  The neckline is actually pretty cool the way the lining and shoulder darts work together to give the drape.  I read the instructions a few times and still had to unpick and fix it.

What's nice is the fact the drape stays in place, unlike a true cowl that can lay weird and needs to be adjusted and can be annoying.  The pattern has 1" side seams to adjust for the stretch in your knit and adjusting that kind of made the bodice drape weird below the neckline too.
But all in all I like it and it's comfortable, basically a black t-shirt with a little extra detail and texture in the neckline.

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  1. This is a nice top. I made a Kwik Sew this past winter that had a whole different treatment for the cowl that was just cumbersome. Your top seems easier to wear.

    The baby looks precious! Did you make her outfit also?



  2. I love that style of top- very flattering. And you look stunning in that picture with your adorable little girl!

  3. Ooooh! I like it! I am adding that pattern to my sale list for sure! And you look gorgeous in that first picture. Also, weirdly enough, I had a dream that I met you and your little girl last night. And you were wearing a black shirt and she was wearing a red dress. Funny.

  4. Great shirt! And I'm loving looking around your blog--new follower here :)

  5. I love the drape of your top, so pretty and it looks comfortable.


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