Burlap Bottle {Ballard Design Knock Off}

1:58 AM

This project was done in a hurry and is kind of crappy.
But I post it for the idea and you can make a much better version.

Did you ever see these BD bottles?

Well if you had a Silhoette cutting machine, you may be able to have cool print like these, but I kept it pretty simple.

1. Traced outline of Italy on freezer paper

2. Cut out the Italy shape and ironed it on a scrap of burlap. 

3. Painted Italy with black fabric paint. 

4. Used fine point permanent marker to add text
Here's where it got crappy.  I just winged the text, and the bottom curve of Italy is really bad.  The A seems like it's on a different line.  So mistakes come when you just hack through a project I guess. 

5. Sew back of burlap shut and hot glue to bottle.
The crappiness continued when I failed to accurately measure where to sew the back seam to make the bottle cover....so it ended up too small and the seam shredded when I stretched it over the bottle.  I just used a hot glue gun to attach it all to the bottle.

6. Glue twine around top
The BD bottles have cool corks attached to the top with the twice.  I couldn't find a cork, so right now it just has the twine hot glued around. 

That's all.
Padova is a city in north-eastern Italy.  It's significant to us because my husband lived in Italy for 2 years after high school doing missionary work for our church.  Padova was the city headquarters for his mission.  In our bedroom I have an area I'm decorating with event objects/ photographs, and this bottle will go in there somewhere. 

The text doesn't look quite as bad taken at a weird angle. 
Oh wait...it may look worse at an angle.

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  1. hey it looks good and who is going to inspect the back seam1 thanks for the idea I had no idea there were 440 burlap covered bottles in the world

  2. I love seeing your ideas...it's all about learning. Your next one will be fabulous.

  3. Awesome! I wonder if you contact silhouette they might hook you up since you have such a popular blog? Worth a try anyway!


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