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3:06 PM

Remember a while ago I made the hammock gift set for my friend?
Well she just got their yard finished and set up the hammock.  
Here's the set on an actual hammock rather than my chalk drawings in the original post.

She said she was glad to have the pillows because her hammock didn't come with the usual roll pillow.  I  was  glad to see the tote attached alright, hopefully it will be handy.
I wish I had a cozy hammock of my own!

She has a quilted hammock made for two, how awesome!
I'm always glad when handmade gifts get to actually be used and work as you intended.

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  1. that looks so relaxing! i want one!!

  2. Awesome! Again, such a great gift. I too have always wanted a hammock. Not practical in 113 AZ heat!

  3. Looks like a wonderful spot to read a good book. I believe your gift will get a lot of uses.


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