Infinity Scarves

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I jumped on the infinity scarf trend recently.
The infinity scarf is just basically a doughnut of fabric.  
You can find them in different fabrics from knit to chiffon.
They're quite easy to make and depending on your fabric choice, can be really affordable.  
Each of my scarves came in at $2.00

There's lots of different ways to wear and sew these, so rather than show you what I did, I just have a few links to different tutorials you can check out.
Luvinthemommyhood with buttons
The Cottage Home sheer lightweight
Sweet Verbena smaller lace

My first scarf is from a sheer polyester blend. 

The second mustard scarf is in a cotton, and obviously a little thicker and stiffer.

Each scarf is about 12" wide and 60-72" long around the circle.

There's tons of different ways to wear these, but I think my current favorite is the single loop.  It keeps it a little more contained for all the bending, playing on the floor, etc that comes with having little kids.

I like the other scarf having the organic print that could be interesting if I knew how to put together an outfit.

What other ways do you wear these scarves?

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  1. I was thinking about making some too. They are so expensive some places I have seen them at. I laugh because I know that I can easily make one for cheap.

  2. The mustard color scarf is beautiful...and I love cotton...after lots of wear, I'm sure it will soften up nicely!

  3. gray yellow and peacock blue look awesome together! Yay! As for the other one, which is really pretty btw, i'd pair with gray shirt and jeans or navy skirt... how does it look with your twill dress?

  4. That print would work really well as a neutral- pair it with anything :)I LOVE scarves and always feel waaaay more put together when I wear one (they've become a security blanket, lol).

  5. I guess I'm just lazy. I have been wanting to make an infinity scarf for a while now. I need to just jump in and do it. Along with all my other 100 projects I want to do. lol. one day.

  6. i've been wanting to make one, but i got a long tube made and i don't know how to sew the ends together without making that part flat! help!

  7. Captainjo: I did the same thing! I just put the two ends of my tube together, and put one inside the other. The circle tube end on top, I folded under the 1/4" and then just sewed them around the circle, shoving everything to the side and working slowly around the tube end. Hope that helps!

  8. Thanks so much for linking! Your scarf looks adorable one you ~ great job!!



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