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Fall is here.
For some reason I always get in the mood for new clothes in the fall.  I don't know if it's the cool weather and bundling up seems like a good time to spend far too much time on pinterest checking out clothes, or if it's the back to school vibe where I feel like I need new clothes for my kids to spit up on and wipe dirty hands on.  Either way, I've been sewing clothing lately, and so this is the first of my Fall Fashion posts.

I made a basic sheath dress.

I used McCalls M5927 sewing pattern, version D with version E's longer skirt.
I'm actually surprised it worked out.  I just hacked out my size, and then when I started trying on the pieces as it was coming together realized I needed to use the next size up.  So I took out all the seams I could and was able in the end to zip the thing up.

I picked fabric that seemed good for fall/ winter.
To me it looks like tweed or something, but up close you can see the fabric is actually tiny black and brown houndstooth.  It's a light wool suiting.  I bought it 50% off with a coupon at JoAnns.  The dress took a little over 1.5 yards and cost around $15.00

Some of my favorite features:
Well of course, a dress has to have pockets for me. 
 I thought these were simple and didn't draw too much attention to themselves.  I love dresses with pockets.

I liked the sleeve, that it had room in the armpit.  I ended up sewing the sleeve differently than the pattern instructions, it had you hand sew it to the lining and there's no way I will hand sew if I can figure out a way to use the machine.  I do have to admit there's a little more gather in the sleeves on top than I would like.
Maybe that's just me and not the pattern though.

I lined the dress in black, you can see poking at the neckline.

 Here's a cheesy pose in our backyard.
If I wore the dress alone, I think a thin belt is kind of a must with the waist seam. 
 This belt was from the thrift store.

But the reason I actually made this dress was to wear it under my peacock blue equestrian jacket I made last fall when I was too pregnant chubby to wear it.  
I had the same itch last fall to make clothes, but made this jacket and the yellow/charcoal jacket just to hang up for this fall.

A few weeks ago I pulled out the equestrian jacket and was excited to wear it and couldn't thinking of something that would work. 
 I had used the cognac buttons, and so I thought a brown something would work best.  
{If you have any other outfit suggestions to wear with this jacket....I could use them! 
I actually recently got some basic cognac riding boots and am trying to think of something to wear between the jacket and the boots.  Fashionistas help!} 

 I had to teach at church so I thought I'd try to look a little more put together than I usually do and made the dress in time to wear it all together.  

One of my favorite things about sewing for yourself is you can adjust it to fit your weird proportions... this face excited and creepily showing my enthusiasm for sleeves that are actually long enough!  {Maybe even a titch too long} 

RJ kept wanting to get in the pictures

In the end, I thought it was a simple dress that let the jacket take the spotlight, because it has a lot going on with the color, ruffle, buttons.  
But I wanted the dress to have a little interest other than just plain solid black or something.  I think it works, but I have no clue about fashion really.

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  1. Gorgeous fabric on that dress! it is so sophisticated, I love it. I know what it is like to have Ape arms, it gets pretty annoying finding jackets!

  2. Everything is fabulous! I sew for my daughter, but have not attempted something for myself. I LOVE both of the jackets! Great job!

  3. That is really really cute! I want a dress like that too now... That jacket is wonderful!

  4. It's ADORABLE! And you're right, the jacket really makes the whole thing work together. I can see the dress being paired with a comfy knit/crocheted cardi with the belt around it cute! Or you could make Cheri's Autumn Bloom belt with the felt flowers to wear it plain. Love it!

    I'm thoroughly impressed by your talent and daring. :-) I'm still gunshy with the sewing machine when it comes to clothing for myself. I was even thinking yesterday that I wished I was brave enough to sew my own coat/jacket. Maybe I'll have to try it now...eek!

  5. Way cute! Wish I had time to sew for myself. Usually the kids end up with the goods.

  6. Gorgeous. LOVE it with the turquoise jacket.

  7. I love it! I need to comb through my pattern stash to see if I have something similar. Love, love the jacket!!

  8. I love a houndstooth! Plus, that jacket is amazing! Great job!

  9. Love the houndstooth, love the dress, love the jacket! My sister recently came over (heidi) and dumped all my clothes on my bed and started pulling out acceptable to wear out in public outfits for me to take pictures of. And what she said is that this turquoise/peacock blue color looks awesome with mustard yellow. And gray. And cognac brown too. (And houndstooth but she didn't say that:)

    How about a warm gray (not too blueish, more brownish gray) skirt and mustardy colored sweater with the cognac boots. And I'm sure you can find a brown/cognacy belt at DI. Or navy skirt/dark skinny jeans on the bottom. I can't wear skinny jeans, because they give me the hebbiejeebies, but I hear they are like, in style and stuff.

    Also, I just admitted on the internet that i can't dress myself either :) I knew we were supposed to be friends!

  10. I love the dress especially the pockets. I think it looks great with your jacket too. Wonder how the jacket would look with a pair of jeans, a white button down shirt and your new boots?

  11. Oh my gosh the dress is fabulous and that jacket to die for. But what I really want to know is how in the world do you have such a flat stomach
    cuz I know your little girl can't be very old. I am so impressed and very jealous:-) I've never had a flat stomach even as a kid and I was super skinny. Forget sit ups cuz I could only do one at the age of 13.

  12. Thanks! But stomach is not even close to being flat!!! It must be the photography, or the belt holding in my gut. My baby is 6 months old, and so far in my life I've been blessed that nursing has slowly taken off the baby weight, as I gained 40+ pounds and haven't exercised once yet. I always plan on exercising again, but never get around to it and now it's snowing so maybe in the Spring. I think it might look like I'm slimmer than I really am because I have a big frame. I'm almost 6 feet tall and I usually wear size 10-14 depending on the maybe my height stretches it all out on the monitor. Thanks though! The idea that someone thought I had a flat stomach made my night and I'll have to tell my husband to keep up the good photography skills at concealing my less attractive areas! Or maybe that jacket is really flattering and I need to have more similarly tailored things in my closet!

  13. They were made for each other (and you)! Beautiful jacket. That dress looks great with it.

  14. oh it's beautiful so feminine

  15. OK - I love the jacket with the dress- so cute!! {Someone just told me about your bliggity blerg and I love it!}


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