Boys Corduroy Blazer

4:52 PM

 I've been wanting to make my son a blazer since Jan. or Feb. of this year.  But having the baby put it on the waiting list and then the heat of summer didn't seem to inspire a blazer.  The crisp fall weather got me in the mood again.  I used a vintage McCalls pattern my mom gave me.  She used it for my oldest brother in the early 80s.  It's just a basic blazer, not lined or anything.  The pattern did have a small chest pocket that I sewed on, but thought it looked weird and I took it off.

We were visiting my mother-in-law this weekend and took some pictures in her backyard. 

I used a really wide corduroy (4 wale) in a navy blue.  My aunt gave me the corduroy, and I used my husband's grandma's (so RJ's great-grandma's) buttons.  So this was actually free, not costing me anything with the memories of the family members who gave me the supplies.

 RJ picked this apple off Grandma's tree, and kept kissing it....thinking he was hilarious.

I was kind of intimidated by this project, but I'm glad I did it.  I think I may attempt a blazer/ jacket for me now that I have a basic understanding of how all the pieces work, especially the lapels.

I've been surprised how much he likes it, as I imagine it's not the most comfortable thing in his closet. 
He was showing his papa the pattern and said: "Mom's making me a fancy coat for church to match you Papa!  With buttons too." 
 So hopefully he'll continue to like his "fancy church coat".

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  1. That looks great! I love it! He's doing an excellent job of modeling it too.

  2. Jessica this is so cute! Good job. You are a mom after my own heart!

  3. I love the style and I just love the plain navy cord. Very cute :-)

  4. That is soooo adorable and it really shows that he loves it. Great job.

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT! RJ couldn't be any cuter!

  6. Wow! This is just fabulous. I just love how happy he looks in it too.

  7. Hello Jessica,

    This blazer is so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing all your creations, your tutorials are great!

    Have a lovely day!

  8. So cute! I need a pattern like that one, as I want to make my little man a suit.
    And way to go on using things given to you!

  9. What a cutie! I love the picture in front of the truck too.

  10. This is so cute.. I'm sure this corduroy blazer will also look great with my baby boy.

    Irene Zespri New Zealand Golden kiwifruit


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