Mean Pumpkin Costume

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This was my last year to have total control over what my son is for Halloween. 
 He's 3 1/2 and I thought it was reasonable to maintain my Halloween costume supremacy. 
 But for weeks, he's been telling people he's going to be a pumpkin for Halloween.  
Talk about my heart sinking once it became the consistent answer.  A lame pumpkin?
I had already started planning his costume when my husband pointed out he's old enough to know what he wants to be for Halloween, and he's really planning on being a pumpkin.  
So what did I do?

Rather than crush his little lame pumpkin dream, I compromised by making him 2 costumes.  

My original costume idea will be the true costume in my mind, and he can continue telling everyone he's being a pumpkin.  In his defense, he did always add that he's going to be a MEAN pumpkin, so not completely lame.

Here's what it means to be a mean pumpkin:

So last week JoAnns had all their crushed panne velvet solids for only $2.50/yd and he picked out some "fuzzy orange" for his costume.  The panne velvet has a cool texture and stretches quite a bit.

We drew some mean faces for it and he decided his favorite was "moon eyes" with the "scary smile".  To make it a little more interesting than an orange tank top, I added the vertical casings and stuffed them with polyfil batting to make it look more like an actual pumpkin.  

Basics on making it:
{I actually started a tutorial, but stopped taking photos half way sure that it wouldn't turn out.  But it kind of turned out in the end so maybe I should have kept going}

But basically I used one of his shirts to get the basic pattern for the tank top and made it 5" longer than a regular shirt.  
1. Cut front and back from orange fabric and lining.
2. Sew pumpkin black face pieces on orange front piece.  {I used black swimwear scraps so they could stretch and wont's fray, fleece would be good too.}
3. Sew right sides together at shoulder seams for orange and lining.
4. Place lining to orange right sides together and sew around neck hole {make sure it's big enough for head, I had an additional cut down for a button loop}
5. Push the lining through the neck hole so the costume is right side out with finished neck seam. Fold raw edges under and sew lining to orange for arm holes.
6. Sew vertical seams from top to bottom on front of costume.  Repeat with back.
7. Right sides together, sew the side seams.
8. Stuff the vertical casings with batting.
9. Fold the bottom under and hem.

Obviously this was just a quick project to give him what he wanted so I feel less guilty about forcing my Halloween plans on my kids.  And I do hope he likes what I have in mind.  It's not an exciting costume from the perspective of a 3 year old, but when he's 30 I think he'll look back and love it.  Maybe not.  I don't know.  But it's going to rock my little Halloween world.
He has reminded me a few times he still needs a "green handle hat"...stem hat is on the back burner for now but we still have a few weeks before Halloween.
I think the mean pumpkin will go trick or treating, and the neighborhood usually does a parking lot trick or treat event that I'll have him wear "my" costume for....because my plan is a whole family costume event this year.  Even my husband has his role and I already paid 10 bucks for his waist length black wig so he better participate even though he hates dressing up.

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  1. Excellent Costume..very effective!!!!

  2. He looks so cute! I love the pumpkin!

  3. Thanks Jessica for the dinosaur's tail. Here are my tails:
    coda di drago

  4. I love it. And I think it's right that you let him choose.

  5. Love the mean pumpkin face. This is going to be my last costume dictator year too I think. I might get one more year..... maybe :)

  6. Oh that came out so adorable! He's getting so big with his own opinions and all. I just wish they'd stay little for a year longer.

  7. He's super cute.

    I have 3 1/2 year old twin boys, and I wanted total control over Halloween too. I should have made them be "Thing 1 and Thing 2" last year, because they probably would have caved. But this year we have store bought (thanks Nana) Spiderman and Wolverine costumes. I'm not even sure how they know who those guys are...

  8. But it's going to rock my little Halloween world. He has reminded me a few times he still ...


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