Baby Hooded Dress and Leggings

12:05 AM

With cooler weather coming, I realized I could use some long sleeved baby clothes for Ellie.  
So I hacked out a little hooded dress out of slub knit.  When I don't use a pattern, it's usually a "fail and fix" process, and this was no exception. 
I used a onesie for a basic pattern.
 I made it and the sleeves were like sausage casings on her little fat arms.  So I took them out as much as I could, but they were still a little tight.

The leggings were too fat.  They kept falling off her bum so I had to take in the elastic waist and took a little out of the legs. I left the hem of the skirt just raw unsewn edges.  

 For the leggings, I just used another pair as a pattern.  Ashley has a good tutorial here, and hers ended up fitting a lot better than mine.

The skirt's pretty short since it's a dropped waist dress, I think it's only 4 or 5" long.

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  1. Gorgeous! My youngest is called Ellie as well! What a cutie

  2. My baby Dunja looks like your complete.
    The same cheeks and eyes can not believe

  3. oh gawd! How adorable is she. Yay for chunky babies!

  4. I adore this whole post! Gorgeous pictures :)

  5. Excellent post ..impossible to read without smiling...gosh you're on a roll for making lovely things..I love 'fail and fix' as a method title though must confess to making a pair of fleece leggins that I completely failed to fix once.. they ended up in the scrap bag..
    Your little girl (and her outfit) look lovely :0)

  6. Val:
    I definitely have many projects that fail to far to be fixed and end up in the scrap bin!

  7. Very cute. I love the dress you sewed for yourself. I am starting to want to try to make clothing but am a little scared. The times I've tries in the past have turned out bad and look really homemade. I guess it just comes with experience.

  8. I also LOVE dresses with pockets.

  9. Oh my gosh!!!!! She is so cute with that little hoodie over those chubby cheeks.

  10. So cute! I love the fail and fix! That's the only method I know. Luckily I tend to learn a little each time and now I have less fail beyond fix, but man oh man I have a huge pile of fail beyond fix :)

  11. Love hoods, and hoods on dresses = Awesome and adorable!

  12. this is too cute and I do not know how I missed it so many years ago.!! Just happened to see it at the bottom of the page containing your brothers shirt. Previous post mentioned an unknown about other sister and now a brother. wow. any more surprises ??


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