Jean Week: Trouser Jeans by Lady Danburry

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Jean Week: Part 3
Trouser Jeans by Lady Danburry

I feel like I mention my little sister, Lynette, a lot--because she's amazing.
So this post is basically me bragging about her.
{Lynette and I jumping on Grandma's trampoline 1989}

She's 3 years younger than me and an expert seamstress.  
Lynette opened her own tailoring/ alteration business at 21.  She recently sold her business and we've been spending the last 2 weeks with her while my husband works in Salt Lake City.  It's been so fun to see so much of her now that she's not working--we've been sewing a lot and she's teaching me a ton of new skills and techniques.  
Her business was called Lady Danburry, and she's just started a blog (I've thought she should have one for years) here:
where you can see all the amazing things a real seamstress can sew!  Compared to my mom and Lynette I am such a hacker lame sewer (but I have improved the last few years).  The past few days Lynette has been giving me tips as I've been attempting some clothing that was really intimidating to me.  At one point she asked my plan to sew my lining in my jacket and I explained my plan of attack.  Lynette said: "well that's not correct, but it will work" and helped me hack my sloppy way through.  She's good to be encouraging when I'm sure it looks like crap compared to what she could do!  She just knows a butt-load about clothing construction, for example I had no idea womens' vests are put together completely differently than mens' vests and much more.  It's just always good to have someone a lot better than yourself to look up to I guess.
I could go on about Lynette, but back to the pants she made...

She made me a pair of high-waisted trouser jeans! 
The look of dress pants with the comfort of jeans!
I brought some denim and she whipped out these jeans.
That's one thing I'm amazed at.  This girl sews fast.
From being a professional tailor she is just a blur of mad sewing skills and I'm next to her putting along like a turtle with Frankenstein stitching.

They fit so well.
Lynette made them with welt pockets on the back, along with the darts above the pockets to lay nicely on my booty.   The waistband fits great so no babysitting of crackage, or "crack attack" as someone said in a comment on the last pair of jeans.
I have to say these are the best fitting jeans I've ever had and my absolute favorite pants I own.
They hit just below my natural waist, which is where I'm most comfortable wearing my pants.
 I prefer the darker wash denim (another italian stretch denim I bought from and the fact they're jeans, but look a little nicer in the trouser style. 
 It's nice to have something that's not formal, but nicer than a regular pair of jeans.

I feel pretty lucky to have such a talented sister, who's also so nice to make me a pair of jeans. 
Lynette's also pretty funny and we've been having so much fun, sewing, eating, reminiscing, watching Twilight Riff Trax.  
I debated showing this photo below, but I thought it was funny when I saw she included my head in the pocket butt shot...

Sometimes it's kind of like we're 12 again...

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  1. Cute trouser jeans! So your sister wouldn't happen to be married to Drew of Drew Danburry would she? If so I used to do shows for Drew sometimes in college!

  2. Yes! Drew is my brother in law and his barber shop is right by Lynette's former tailor shop in Provo. Small world!

  3. Wow. Amazing! And I love that you posted that last pic, so funny!

  4. love the jeans you made and these are cute too! Maybe during jean week you could show how to add elastic in the back waistband so we can all help with the crackage issues I see everywhere!

  5. Love all the pics. Nett did a great job as usual.

  6. I love the jeans and love you both to pieces! AMAZING!

  7. I have never tried trouser jeans. But its looks nice. Thanks for the review.


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