Simple Blouse Week Day 3: Front Placket

3:30 AM

It's Day 3!
This time I went with navy gingham and added a front placket and 3/4 length sleeves.

 Adding a placket is really easy and opens up a lot of opportunities to make tops with non-stretch fabric.
I use it a lot with kids clothes since they have large heads in proportion to the rest of their bodies.
I also made a longer sleeve and cut it on the bias.

I think I got this shirting fabric from a long time ago, but it doesn't wrinkle which is pretty great.

Here's where I wore it to church with navy sweater tights and my green pleated pocket skirt.
Oh and it was daylight savings time  which I totally forgot about, so I thought I had an hour and started curling my hair when my husband brought to my attention I had 10 minutes until church started.
So I put the uncurled top half in a bun and ran but we were still late for church...but so was the main speaker so I didn't feel too bad.  

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  1. Love this. It is totally my style, the sleeves are long enough to cover my old lady arms that have somehow appeared. And I love the visual interest with the placket. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the addition of the longer sleeves, and the placket is a fun detail. I love how this one looks with your pleated pocket skirt.

  3. well I keep saying this with each one but this is my favorite. really clever bias cut sleeves-gives a subtle touch of interest. Great family photo too. Did quite a job with DST.RJ living up to his big brother look too. handsome and Ellie cute as ever. If you hadn't mentioned your hair who would have noticed?? Great looking family.

  4. very very cute! i'm still recovering from DST - haven't felt well rested since it happened!

  5. Yes, this one is nice too--ALL great!


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