Simple Blouse Week Day 5: Simple Dress

9:34 AM

This last post for simple blouse week is actually a simple dress!
(with pockets of course)

Basically it's the basic blouse with a skirt attached.
The fabric is voile which is really light-weight and therefore semi-sheer, so the blouse is lined and I just wear it with a half slip.
I sewed a few rows of shirring with elastic thread in the bobbin to make the waist area gathered.
It kind of just looks like a matching blouse and skirt, but is really easy to wear and I plan to get a lot of use from it this summer. 
We were at my mom's where we're currently storing my chartreuse velvet couch.
Last fall I saw it on craigslist and my husband got it for me for my birthday.
I love it, but we don't have room for it so it's at my mom's until we move this summer.

It's the end of simple blouse week!
I actually have a few more ideas I may whip up if I get the chance.

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  1. You look so lovely in this Jessica. I love the voile fabric and it really makes your eyes look amazing!

  2. Way cute. I need some easy and simple ideas this for this summer. I just had a brainstorm, swim coverup. Maybe with a tank style instead of sleeves.
    Thank you for sharing this whole week of simple, stylish blouses. They look so dressed up compared to a t-shirt. I just need to figure out a pattern, and I am on my way!

  3. This was such a fun series. It makes me want to sew something for myself (finally) :)

  4. I love the color of this dress! And it looks so comfortable. =)

  5. What a great series! I love all your variations. So cute!!

  6. So pretty on you!! Luck you're so tall and can wear stuff like this. ;)

  7. That is very cute! I think its my favorite one so far, but I do love the others too.


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