Barber Jacket

11:11 AM

My husband Drew has an old-fashioned barber shop and this is the jacket I designed for him. I used a heavy cotton twill so that it's durable and washable.  My favorite part is the hand-embroidered crest on the pocket.

Photo by Michael Paul

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  1. Very slick and manly! It's so cool that he owns a barber shop. Chris started going to a manly man barber shop place and it's totally revolutionized his feelings about his hair, no more requesting buzz cuts for him. (Although he is complaining that his barber left for another shop and he doesn't know where and the tragedy in that, which I both feel his pain for, as I've been there, and am a bit amused and perplexed about as well.)

    1. I hope your man finds his barber or a new one that he likes as well. I feel like all men deserve a barber shop instead of a salon.

  2. Is there any possibility that I would be able to order one of these from you? I would need a size similar to small and in black with a white "D." I would forever be grateful!!


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