Hello and a New Year's Eve Dress

7:34 AM

Hey! I'm Jessica's little sister Lynette and I'm very excited to start sharing some of my projects with you guys! First, I thought I'd share a few details with you about myself:
1. I inherited our mom's endurance and our dad's opinion on almost everything.
2. My brain thinks in shapes. When I'm falling asleep or doing the dishes, I imagine a shape, cut it up in my mind and figure out how many different ways I can put it back together to make a different shape.
3. Onions don't make me cry and I always pick the perfect size tupperware to put left over dinner in.
4. I go to bed on time and I never skip breakfast.
5. I've been in love with the same man (Drew Danburry) since I was 15 and we have one boy (Striker).


Today I wanted to share a delightful little dress I made for my friend Nicki. She wanted a twirly skirt with a natural waist. I used vintage gaberdine because I love the weight it has. I did a simple darted bodice with a circle skirt. I think it's a very fun and classic look, perfect for a New Year's Eve party.

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  1. I would love to sew well enough that my garment looked like it came from the store! So pretty, great job

  2. Loved the little factoids about you-so fun, and the dress is beautiful!

  3. this is gorgeous! darted bodice, elbow sleeves, circle skirt... probably my favorite combination ever. it's so great to get to see your work again, thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful! it's a timeless dress, love how it looks with the orange tights and the golden shoes.

  5. cute! I love, how the colors of the dress and the tights are going together!

  6. Thanks everyone! So glad you like it.

  7. I loved reading those details about you. I also love the classic style of this dress. =)

  8. Is the pattern for this dress for sale? It's gorgeous! pretz57@amtelecom.net


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