Easy Gift Wrapping

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I need to introduce you to two darling friends of mine. Jessie (9) and Sujeong (11). Their parents own restaurants in the building where I had my tailoring shop. We became great friends while I was working and they would spend a lot of time in my shop practicing hand sewing and having girl talk with me. At least once a month we would have a girls day and go to a movie, go swimming, or go walk through the local art museum. For the past four years I've made the Halloween costumes they design which is always the best part of the holiday for me. I've been out of the building for two years and being a "make-the-home-mom" (that's what Jessie calls me) and we're still doing girls day at least once a month. This month I showed them how to make lotion, bath salts, and lip balm and we put together gift packs so they could take them to their friends at school. 

We made the lovely bath items in my kitchen while listening to Nat King Cole Christmas music. Then we made the gift tags with a rubber stamp and embossing powder. Each gift pack included a bar of soap, a tube of bath salts, a jar of lotion, and a lip balm. All  hand made!

After all the gifts were finished we put them in lunch sacks and the girls stitched them closed with one of my old sewing machines. Simple and easy enough for a kid to make.

After all the gift-making, gift-wrapping, and lunch, Jessie told me this was the best girl's day ever. 

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