Grapevine Basket

8:47 AM

We grew up in a house that had a very large garden. Everything that grew in it was absolutely wonderful, but my favorite thing was the grapes. We grew enough grapes to can about 200 quarts of juice every fall. I did most of the canning this past fall, and after it was all finished, I took a bundle of grape vines, hoping to learn basket weaving at some point.

So, a few months ago, I checked a book out from our local library and read about basic basket weaving and this is my very first basket ever! It's pretty rough and asymmetrical. Grapevines probably weren't the best choice for a beginner, but I'm still happy with the outcome. I used twine and a crochet hook to wrap the top edge and the handles because I didn't have enough small vines to do the job. 

Our parents recently sold our childhood home so these grapevines will be a perfect little memento while I pick my own tomatoes this summer. 

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  1. Love the eggs. It looks like Easter already. Good job on the basket. You can never have too many.

  2. great bit of nostalgia. our grapevines bordered the entire length of the garden and for many years served as a terrific windbreak. one year there was something really ugly that attacked most of the grapevines in the area and our parents vines were not excepted. they all had to be burned so there are no attempts as making a basket. the memories your basket conjured up were quite timely as we just had our father pass into the next life. thank you


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