Project Run and Play Season 3 Reunion!

11:36 PM

Yay!  Today is the day!

Two years ago we sewed our guts out, and today we get to sew together again!
Unfortunately, a few couldn't make it to post today.
Susan, Jessica, and Andrea are missed!

It's a crazy experience to sew at such a high demand, and also be expected to turn out amazing photos...of small kids.
I know Project Run and Play pushed me to sew things I most likely wouldn't have tried at that time in my sewing/ drafting stage, and it's a good opportunity to be pushed creatively.

In two years my kids have grown so much!
Especially Ellie, who was only 11 months.
I'm not great at sewing or designing for girls,  but I really did love the little tweed outfit Ellie wore, probably my favorite girl piece from Project Run and Play.

So to sew for this reunion, I thought I'd sew for my son, and do a little re-mix from the suit I made him.
The Real McCoy Suit is probably my favorite thing I've ever sewn.
So I did a little vest and trouser set, but tried to make it a little more interesting with blocking the vest.

The fun part of this look was the same
I was lucky to have enough in my stash from 2 years ago to line the vest...and it was a hit, again.
Rhett loved the vest and wore it all day, even going to Grandma's to try to surprise her.

The trousers are just another pair of Grandpa pants:
buttonhole elastic waist, zip fly, patch back pockets, belt loops, and pin-tuck fronts.

The back patch pockets have contrasting pocket tops. 

The vest is two-toned with the brown striped suiting and the dusty blue base.
I had originally planned to add welt pockets, but thought it might feel too busy with the color blocking.

I realized I haven't sewn for RJ for a while, and  forgot he is really great at photoshoots.
He went crazy with all these poses, waiting until he hears the camera click before moving on to the next one.
It's interesting what this kindergartner pulls out.

For example:


fallen hero. 

fake sleep. 

horror...or maybe oops I crapped my pants.

and finally....dead. 

After his whole performance, which had me laughing out loud, he stood up and said: "ok mom, lets do some you wanna do now."
But it was already more than I needed.

He's a cute little guy, and I think for most of us moms, the sewing is fun, but the best part is seeing your kids run around in something you designed and made just for them.
If they love the clothes, it makes it even better.

continue the PR&P season 3 reunion by checking out the other amazing looks!!!

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  1. That is sooooo cute!! Though I suppose boys don't want to be cute :) He looks like he was having an absolute blast while taking those pics. Love it....and that spider lining.....perfect!

  2. Oh my goodness, he's endlessly entertaining!! And it's no wonder he loved the vest, that lining is awesome! I can't wait to sew for my li'l on-the-way dude! Your photos are so inspirational!

  3. He is so awesome! He and Hendrix should be friends. Love the vest Jess!

  4. This is great, Jessica! I can't believe that little tweed outfit held up in front of Ellie!! Oh my gosh, she has grown so much! Love the spiders inside the vest and your natural model is every bit as entertaining now as he was back then. So fun!

  5. I love the color blocking!! Very cute and as always, AWESOME JOB!!

  6. How fun! You come up with the best ideas.
    It would be so fun to see a reunion for every season.

  7. So awesome and he is just too cute!

  8. that picture of them holding the tiny clothes is adorable! great job jessica! this was fun.

  9. great presentation and the outfit is terrific. he seems so much more mature than kindergarten. that spider lining I had totally forgotten about. good move for keeping your young enthused.

  10. Oh shoot, something went wrong with my first comment. Well he is darling, and I am so impressed with how well you sew these intricate difficult pieces. I never want to make pants again! Love the color blocking. Thanks again for organizing this!

  11. OK- my comment disappeared. Weird.
    Uh basically I said it was awesome!
    Wonderfully done, again, and your son is so adorable. Well, all your kids are!

  12. That vest is really cool! I love the color combination and the shape of the blocking.

  13. Thanks again for organizing this, Jess! You do such an amazing job sewing for your kids and I'm forever impressed by your tailoring.


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