Tutorial: Replace Torn Coat Pockets

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Have you ever had a hole in the pocket of your coat? It's the worst, because you'll forget that you've got a hole, throw your keys in there which makes the hole get bigger and before you know it your check book has slipped through the torn pocket and is lost somewhere inside your coat. (In this coat that I mended, I actually found a check book, change, and a pile of receipts.) 

The trouble with trying to  mend pockets, is that the fabric is (usually) light-weight and it just isn't strong enough to hold the mend. I've had the most success with just replacing the pockets completely with a medium to heavy weight fabric. Here is an easy way to to it.

1. To replace the torn pockets, you'll need to get access to the inside of the coat. Most often, manufactured overcoats will have one seam that has been top-stitched closed, it's usually in one of the sleeves, and chances are it's going to be the left sleeve. This is the ideal seam to un-stitch because it will leave you with a hole large enough to pull the coat inside-out to work with easily.
2. Once you've located the top-stitched seam, open it up.
3. Reach inside the hole, grab one of the pockets and pull it out. Unstitch the pocket from the welt and facing. 
4. Use the old pockets as a pattern to cut out new ones.
5. Stitch the newly cut pockets to the welt and facing.
6. Place both layers of the pocket together, and stitch around the outer edge.
7. Shove the pocket back inside the coat and stitch the access hole closed. You've got fresh pockets.

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  1. Good to know how to do this!! I've linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-replace-a-torn-coat-pocket/2014/02/11/

  2. My husband has a vintage coat that has exactly this pocket problem. I just went hunting for the top-stitched seam, but no luck. I guess they were too classy? Can I just rip open a sleeve seam anyway?

    1. Totally! Any seam works, just as long as it's big enough to reach inside.

  3. This is super helpful and beyond brilliant!

  4. Excellent! Just replaced the two "holey" pockets in my Peacoat!! I had the computer right near me and followed your instructions! Worked perfectly! My pockets are like new after 2 years of fighting to keep keys, cell phone, etc from falling through the holes!! Thanks you!


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