Baby Gift Outfit

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The first baby gift outfit I posted, I made the long sleeve onesies. But with Christmas, I didn't have time and just got some Gerber to embelish for this cute little girl. The bird is the same sketch I made for the painting. The body is painted with fabric paint using the freezer paper method, and I used brown corduroy for the applique wing, and then the pink embroidery for the eye, legs, and wing detail.

The skirt was a simple rectangle 9" tall and 24" wide. I sewed the two short sides together to make the back seam and then hemmed the bottom. Next I sewed the elastic casing, threaded the elastic through, and topstitched the casing closed. To bring in the brown theme, I topstiched satin ribbon around the skirt in three rows, using a longer seam length with pink contrasting thread.

The headband is a chocolate colored knee high nylon, sewn together to form the stretchy head band. I planned to use the same fabric from the skirt to make the circles, but that would involve finishing the edges, or sewing two together, then flipping right side out. I wanted the piece to be smaller, so in the end I just used felt because it's easy. I used the plastic spaghetti measurer that has the 4 different sized circles to trace on the felt, cut the circles out, and sewed them all to the nylon headband. I topped it with a chocolate button.
For the shoes I used the same chocolate corduroy. They are lined with the pink fabric from the skirt. Here is a tutorial on these shoes from earlier. The tutuorial used leather and wasn't lined. I made two little pink circles for the outside of each shoe and sewed them on with a spiral.

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