Giveaway Ideas

2:12 PM

I'm thinking of giving something away. I've contributed on other blogs' give-aways, but I've never had a giveaway here. But I don't know what people would want most.
So leave a comment of what you would want me to make for my giveaway.
Here are some ideas, but I am open to any suggestions.

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  1. shoes for lucy, a batman cape for miles, and a skirt for me!!! You are amazing!

  2. hahah ok First I want everything!!! But if I had to list what I wanted most (top 5):
    5-Max Costume
    3-bird skirt
    2-baby shoes
    1-skirt (of course...even though I already have that same one in the picture...but I want that same one in a different color :)
    ewww I cant wait to see what you giveaway!

  3. A teepee, please a teepee, pleasepleaseplease a teepee.

    I had one when I was little and want one for my kids.

  4. the tent!!! (and I want to win it) :)

  5. I first would want the superman cape and then the tent then the backpack then the shoes and then the skirt. I of course would love anything! But I do love the cape the most!

  6. I would go with the very unique (and adorable) back packs! And then the capes, and then the shoes...

  7. The teepee of course, but might pricey to ship, so I say the max costume.

  8. Max costume for sure, that's adorable!

  9. I ♥ your work! Found your blog today! I would have to go with the teepee or the Max Costume.

  10. Found you through U Create. Ah! So inspiring. Love everything. I LOVE your pink girlie capes.

  11. Everything is wonderful but my vote is for the backpack!!!

  12. hmmm, I am thinking one of everything!!

    I love those superhero capes, and the shoes, and the teepee...but that would be annoying to ship when I win :)

    I just love all your stuff jess, you are SO incredibly crafty and creative!

  13. The shoes or the backpack. I love them both, and so would Carter!!!!

  14. I would {heart} an OWL BACKPACK...but adult size for me!!!
    Everything is so lovely it's hard to choose!


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