90 Minute Boys T-shirt

5:00 AM

Using Dana's tutorial from made, I used some old t-shirts to make this little onesie tee.
The main reason I thought I'd make one is my serger is back in business.  For months it's been on the fritz with a whole tension knob off.  I bought it from craigslist for $35 and over a year ago, and finally paid to have it serviced.  Now it's back and working well, so I remembered this tutorial with serged contrasting edges and used the yellow for this little shirt.

The shoulders kind of look weird, like shoulder pads, so I need to adjust the pattern I made.
I also didn't use ribbing for the neck and cuffs, just t-shirts.

But pretty quick and easy project to use your pile of old knit!

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  1. I have been thinking about attempting this shirt... My son is so tall that all his shirts are swimming on him to get the length right. Thanks for prodding me along and I love the using t-shirts idea instead of ribbing. I have a personal vendetta again ribbing. LOL


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