Christmas Canisters...from Trash

5:00 AM

These decorative cans are super inexpensive and easy to make.
Using your trash, you can make some simple decor for the holidays.

I just saved cardboard canisters and lids:
the large can is an oatmeal, the tall skinny is a can of Pringles, and the short fat can was from nuts.

After cleaning out the cans, I spray painted them red, green and white.
To make the silver labels, I used painter's tape to tape off the rectangles then painted it with silver craft paint.
Then using a thin Sharpie, I wrote the holiday labels on the silver boxes.

For the lids, I bought little wooden drawer pulls from the hardware store.  Usually they are pretty cheap, $0.50 or less. I just used hot glue to attach them to the plastic lids.
Then I used silver spray paint for the lids.  If you have primer, I would recommend using it before the silver to prevent the paint flaking off the flexible plastic.

Pretty easy little set.  Hopefully people can't tell they're just trash with a spray paint makeover!
Right now they're empty, but I think I might put our holiday chocolates in there so my toddler won't know where it is to try to climb to get it, as he's been doing with the Halloween candy.

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