Holiday Wreath: pine cones and holly berries

1:17 AM

I love Christmas.
I'm one of those annoying people that decorates early and celebrates for 2 months.
Or gets excited when Costco plays Christmas music in September setting up the Christmas aisles.

So I couldn't put off the Christmas projects any longer.  We put our tree up tonight, actually upon my husband's request--I've trained him well.

It's not much, just spray painted things from the yard with some fake berries.
I've never made a wreath before, this is actually my only wreath.

So first, I made the wreath with my mom's grapevines last spring when I was making those birdcages.
But you can buy grapevine wreaths for a few bucks at craft stores.
Then I just spray painted it white.

Then we collected pine cones and spray painted them metallic silver.

A package of red berries. The fake little ones that are white styrofoam inside. 
This was actually a garland, and I just cut off chunks with wire cutters.

To put the wreath together, I wove the berries into the grape vines and used hot glue to set them in place.
To attach the pine cones, I used floral wire on the bigger ones along with hot glue.  For the smaller pine cones, I just used hot glue.  I'm sure you should really wire everything, but this will just be on a wall indoors, not hanging on a front door or anything.  So I was lazy and just glued things on.

I decided to hang this in front of the mirror above our mantle.

Lately I'm really into simple red and silver for Christmas. 
I loved how the silver pine cones turned out.  I thought a glass vase or bowl just of silver pine cones would look cool.

Well hope you can stand some early Christmas.

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  1. You make me laugh. I like the tree to go up sometime (no particular time) after Thanksgiving....and well my husband always liked to keep Christmas up until after New Years...but me. Im stir crazy a day or two after Christmas and it all comes down.

    However i love the music, we've already begun playing Christmas music.

  2. Wonderful wreath. Enjoy your decorations!

  3. That is so pretty I can't wait to see your tree! xx

  4. That's really cute! Thanks for the idea!

  5. I used to be anti anything Christmas before the day after thanksgiving. But the last few years I have been more and more excited about it! I am going out of town Sunday, but as soon as I get back-- the tree and all the decorations are going up and Bing Crosby will be singing about my White Christmas! :)

  6. Just posted a pic of my wreath I made on my blog! I made mine for Thanksgiving, but for my first homemade decor, gotta say I'm pretty impressed with myself. Thanks for all the fun, cute (and EASY) ideas you post! :)


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